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We are excited to announce that Jennifer Leonard, Director of Multicultural at Haworth Media+Marketing is joining the Portada Agency Star Committee, one of the six units of Portada’s Council System. The board’s next in-person meeting will be at Portada NYC on September 11, 2019.

A 20+ year U.S. multicultural media industry veteran, Jennifer has experience across strategic planning, channel planning and investment agency verticals and a vast category portfolio (Retail, Auto, Telecommunications, QSR, Insurance/Financial Services).

She’s an expert in inter-agency communication and process for total market strategies.

Currently, she is the Director of Multicultural Strategy for Haworth Media+Marketing in Minneapolis, including the Hispanic, African-American, Asian and LGBTQ+ audiences.

Welcome, Jennifer, to Portada’s Council System!

We are excited to announce that Vanessa E. Hartley, Group Director at Hearts & Science is joining the Portada Agency Star Committee, one of the six units of Portada’s Council System. The Council System next in-person meeting will be at Portada Los Angeles on March 14 in Los Angeles’ Loews Hotel.

Vanessa Hartley is an 18-year veteran of out-of-home media and has been member of the Omnicom Family since 2005. Her account experience includes QSRs, packaged goods, technology, financial services, entertainment and telecommunications.

She started with Outdoor Media Group, an Investment Group for Omnicom, in Chicago working on McDonalds, H&R Block, Intel and Pepsico Brands. Then, she moved back to her home city of New York where she ran the HBO business for six years. Now a Group Director at Hearts & Sciences, she manages the OOH Investment Group for all lines of business for AT&T.

When she is not dedicating her time to all things AT&T; she loves food, traveling anywhere, binging anything on Netflix, quality time with friends/family and watching or playing sports. Her happiest places are on a yoga mat or on the slopes.

Welcome, Vanessa, to the Portada Council System!

We are excited to announce that Shirley Flores, Account Supervisor, Local Investment at OMD USA, is joining the Portada Agency Star Committee, one of the six units of Portada’s Council System. The Council System’s next in-person meeting will be at Portada Los Angeles on March 14 at the Loews Hotel, Santa Monica.

Shirley Flores is a seasoned media specialist with a focus on negotiating and executing entertainment media strategies. These strategies include multi-layered sponsorship development, product integrations, promotional extensions including traditional TV, Radio, digital, social & search.

A media professional with experience in General Market, US Hispanic, and the Latin American Market, Flores is in charge of managing and executing integrated US Hispanic-targeted advertising campaigns, as well as General Market multi-platform executions. She is a forward thinker and a risk taker, always looking for new challenges.

Excellent reputation in being highly detailed, organized and a great team player. Well rounded and recognized as a media expert within telecommunications/ technology, package goods, financial/ banking, and automotive industries.

Welcome, Shirley, to the Portada Council System!

We are excited to announce that Lauren (Barish) Handelman, Media Director at Spark Foundry is joining the Portada Agency Star Committee, one of the six units of Portada’s Council System. The Council System next in-person meeting will be at Portada Los Angeles on March 14 at the Loews Hotel, Santa Monica.

Lauren is a long-standing member of the Publicis Groupe family, having joined the SMG Multicultural team in 2008.

She currently works at Spark Foundry New York as the Director of Video Investment for Wendy’s.

Previously, she spent seven years at Tapestry, where she orchestrated award-winning video & branded content campaigns for Procter & Gamble‘s beauty brands, before moving to NYC where she led cross-platform multicultural investment for Sprint.

Welcome, Lauren, to the Portada Council System!

We are excited to announce that Kate Canel, Director of Performance Media at The Shipyard is joining the Portada Agency Star Committee, one of the six units of Portada’s Council System. The Council System next in-person meeting will be at Portada LA on March 14, 2019.

Canel is a Marketing and Media expert with over 10 years experience in global marketing and digital media strategy, programmatic technology, connection platforms and the effective creation, application and execution of multi-million dollar integrated digital initiatives. In addition, Canel has a proven track record of developing  marketing solutions, team building and in creating innovative non-traditional revenue streams.

Welcome Kate to the Portada Council System!

We are excited to announce that Oscar Padilla, VP of Digital Media Marketing and Insights at Pulpo Media, is joining the Portada Agency Star Committee, one of the six units of Portada’s Council System. The Council System’s next in-person meeting will be at Portada Los Angeles on March 14 in Los Angeles’ Loews Hotel.

Oscar currently serves as Pulpo’s Senior VP of Digital Media Marketing and Insights, an Entravision Communications company. Oscar has held diverse roles within his 6+ years at Entravsion including founding partner of Luminar Insights; the first Big Data company squarely focused on the US Hispanic Market delivering advanced analytics solutions. Before Entravsion, Oscar launched the digital business unit of Vertis, focused on developing and executing digital direct response strategies for Fortune 500 big box retailers. With over 20 years of digital media under his belt, Oscar has worked across a wide range of diverse businesses – from start-up ventures to digital agencies to established media companies.

We are thrilled to welcome Oscar to the Agency Star Committee, and we asked him to tell us more about Pulpo and what he’ll bring to the table.

Portada: What are Pulpo’s main objectives?
Oscar Padilla: Simply stated, Pulpo’s objective is to continue to be the #1 digital media company servicing the US Hispanic market. But at the end of the day, it’s not our leadership position that client’s care about, they’re interested in results and that’s what motivates us to evolve continuously. It’s the result of years of developing a deep cross-cultural understanding of the Hispanic market, leveraging our vast data assets, and our people that allow us to deliver results for our clients.

 I’m thrilled to be a new member of Portada’s AGENCY Star Committee. This committee has a strong mission of advancing how we target Hispanic consumers, I think my deep analytical background market plus my digital media experience brings a unique perspective to the group.

Portada: How do you intend to accomplish these objectives? 
Oscar Padilla: We couple our scale with advanced data.  This is the fuel that allows us to build our targeting and advance Hispanic segmentation models. We’ve been gathering and maturing our first-party data for years, but we’re also working with a variety of third-party partners that can support our needs and those of our clients.
We’re actively involved in expanding our Hispanic audience reach well beyond the “traditional’ digital web, mobile environment. Our audience reach should be channel agnostic, and this consists in leveraging many of the vast resources of our parent company, Entravsion, brings to the table. Finally, our people are essential to accomplishing our goals. Pulpo has built a solid team dedicated to supporting our mission and delving into what our clients need.


What: Members of the Portada Agency Star Committee will lead an interactive session at #PortadaNY about multicultural insights as an ingredient of more effective marketing campaigns. Join Starcom’s Dana Bonkowski and Darcy Bowe, Horizon’s Karina Dobarro, Publicis Groupe’s Jessica Roman, and UM Worldwide’s David Queamante. Register now!
Why it matters: As the presence of multicultural populations increases in the U.S., all marketing needs to include multicultural insights in order to have a chance to succeed.

As multicultural consumers increase in quantity and we get a step closer to them being a majority, doing multicultural marketing becomes more and more necessary. According to Liz Castells-Heard, CEO of Castells & Asociados, even though multiculturals are nearly 40% of U.S. consumers and spend US $1.7 trillion, they get under 18% of all ad dollars. “Most of the Fortune 500 are still reticent, late in the game or not doing it right,” she writes. “It is not just about a few adjunct in-language TV spots, influencers, soccer, events or social. It’s about a top-down, thoughtful, holistic and organization-wide approach.”

But what are the right steps and elements a brand needs in order to “do it right”? As Dana Bonkowski, SVP, Multicultural Lead at Starcom and member of Portada’s Agency Star Committee says, “Whether or not you intend to officially embark on a multicultural marketing initiative, the reality is multicultural consumers are already part of your brand’s story,” and so companies really should start taking these consumers into account if they wish to stay relevant in the future.

Tomorrow, September 25, Dana Bonkowski will delve deeper into this topic with other members of the Agency Star Committee: Darcy Bowe, SVP, Media Director at Starcom USA; Karina Dobarro, SVP, Multicultural & International Brand Strategy at Horizon Media; Jessica Roman, VP, Media Director at Publicis Groupe; and David Queamante SVP, Client Business Partner UM Worldwide.

Portada New York attendees will have a never-before-seen opportunity to participate in the panel in a fully interactive way. Together in a Samoan circle format, the panelists and the audience will answer the question: HOW CAN MULTICULTURAL INSIGHTS AND ADVERTISING MAKE GENERAL MARKET CAMPAIGNS MORE EFFECTIVE?

You still have time to join this and all the other Portada New York thought-provoking activities. Did you know that just by acquiring a ticket you get the opportunity to meet with three prominent brand executives? Click on the banner below and join #PortadaNY now.

Portada has officially launched its Council System. The five different council units already met once virtually during the first quarter and in-person at Portada Miami in mid-April. The next in-person meetings will be at Portada New York (Sept. 24-25) and Portada Mexico (Oct. 30). Check out what the brand marketing member executives have to say about the experience so far!


“I think that Portada has been doing a great job, I’m really excited about all the things we’ve been working on during these meetings and understanding, not only inspiring but really taking action, so for me it’s very interesting.”

Perla Patricia Aragón, Digital Marketing Director MX, at L’Oréal (Council of the Americas Member)



“I am honored to be part of Portada’s Agency Star Committee. Driving growth through multicultural audiences is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but instead a key component of realizing full growth potential for our clients. Portada helps promote deeper marketplace understanding of that essential principle.”

Dana Bonkowski, SVP, Multicultural Lead, Starcom Worldwide (Agency Star Committee Member)



“Having a Brand Star Committee and getting marketing people to share their experiences is a great idea. The idea of having an opportunity to really link with people who have the same challenges as you, who maybe have had the same launching opportunities… and really just share.”

Margie Bravo, Multicultural Champion, Nestlé USA (Brand Star Committee Member)



“I’m in the Travel Marketing Board, a very good opportunity to share different visions among different industries, we are airlines, car rentals, hotels… and it’s amazing how, even though it’s the same industry, it’s different pillars, and it’s amazing how we all share the same challenges and it’s interesting to see how everything is related.”

Pablo Chiozza, Senior VP US, Canada, Asia & Caribbean, Latam Airlines Group
(Travel Marketing Board Member)



“Being a part of the Brand Star Committee has been really interesting so far. I think that part of the challenges that we all face as marketers are actually really similar to one another even across industries, across brands…  I’m grateful that Portada has created a forum to share and reapply, to not just talk about the successes, but talk about the challenges so that we can help one another.”

Marissa Fernandez, Director, Marketing Strategy and Fan Development, NFL
(Brand Star Committee Member)



“I think it’s a great thing that Portada has put together, it’s given me a chance to really interact with some folks that I’ve known in the industry but maybe we hadn’t gotten together around the specific unique targeted approach like multicultural Hispanic marketing through the lens of sports and sports marketing, so it’s been very engaging for me.”

Dan Keats, Director Consumer Marketing-Sponsorships, Allstate Insurance
(Sports Marketing Board Member)



“The Brand Star Committee has been great. We’ve had great discussions about real-life problems in marketing we’re having today, and solutions, and part of it is because we had a great group of marketers and marketing practitioners. Even though I get invited to this kind of things all the time, the executives we had at the table, this time it was top-notch, great quality people that could really get to a deeper level of discussion than I’ve had at other places.”

Rafael Lopez-de-Azua, Head of Media and Digital, Latam, Coty
(Brand Star Committee Member)



“I think it’s a great idea, I really liked that we were able to get together in a group yesterday and just talk peer-to-peer about the things we’re struggling with, or things we’re finding challenging, and see what other people have learned from their experiences.”

John Sandoval, Senior Brand and Latino Marketing Manager, Intuit

(Brand Star Committee Member)


“It has been a great experience so far, we’ve meet twice and it’s great to have the access to all these people in the marketing world that have the same type of issues that we do and discuss these matters, try to find solutions and interact that way, so it’s great networking with your peers. It’s a great opportunity to get access to different technologies, different ideas, and in a great setting.”

Ana Lucía Soto, National Media Manager, JCPenney (Brand Star Committee Member)



“I am proud to be associated with Portada’s exciting new Council System, and am eager to partner with other industry leaders to move multicultural advertising forward.”

David Queamante, SVP, Media Director, UM Worldwide (Agency Star Committee Member)




“The Council System is very unique for us at Mastercard. It allows us to better understand what the Hispanic market is doing and we can leverage that with a lot of our properties. That’s the biggest feature and the benefit. And bringing our knowledge as it relates to Mastercard to this business and the Hispanic community is very important to us.”

Mike Tasevski, VP, North America Sponsorships, MasterCard
(Sports Marketing Board Member)



For further information about Portada’s Council System, head to our Frequently Asked Questions section.

In addition to the more than 70 brand marketing executives who integrate Portada’s expanding Council System, Council System integrations are available to an elite group of marketing services vendors. To discuss opportunities and find out more about how Portada’s content and networking platform can help your brand’s marketing objectives, please contact Portada Sales Manager Isabel Ojeda.

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