DDB Worldwide Acquires Brazil’s Grupo ABC

DDB Worldwide, a division of Omnicom Group Inc., has acquired Grupo ABC, the largest independent advertising and marketing communications group in Brazil for approximately US $270 million. Grupo ABC owns agencies like Pereira & O’Dell, DM9, Sunset, Dojo and Africa Global, covering public relations, CRM, digital, promotions, events and advertising.

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CES 2015: Five Trends that Could Change Advertising

As weary ad execs wandered home from CES 2015, we took a look at what this mother of all consumer electronics shows revealed about the future of advertising. We identified five trends that we think will matter for advertisers in the years to come, and checked in with three smart executives to get their thoughts.

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Alejandro Campos Carlés – StartMeApp: “Latin America gets residual panregional advertising from mobile global campaigns. That is beginning to change”

Portada interviewed Alejandro Campos Carlés, Co-Director and Founder of StartMeApp, an independent mobile advertising network with offices in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, USA, England, and Singapore. “It’s not just about media buying, clicks or impressions, but about transformation: transforming impressions/clicks into the response that advertisers are seeking from the audience,” says the company founder.

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