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What: Facebook and Cisneros Interactive have become partners in Central America, the Caribbean, and Uruguay, expanding an alliance that already included 10 Latin American Countries.
Why it matters: This expanded deal will bring Facebook’s best practices to benefit clients in those new markets.

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Cisneros Interactive, the area focused on digital advertising at Cisneros, has officially become Facebook’s reseller in Central America, the Caribbean, and Uruguay. In this way, the two companies mean to amplify a strategic alliance they had already expanded in 2017, when Cisneros became Facebook’s reseller in Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Venezuela.

Under this new deal, Cisneros Interactive will provide its services to Facebook customers in Costa Rica, República Dominicana, Guatemala, Panamá, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay. Advertisers will have access to Facebook’s practices, training features, and local payment options according to each market.

“We’re thrilled to expand our successful alliance with Facebook,” said Victor Kong, president at Cisneros Interactive. “Our deep understanding of Latin America, together with Facebook’s business solutions, will allow us to build true added value for more clients in Central America, the Caribbean, and Uruguay.”

“Companies use Facebook throughout Latin America to connect with audiences and drive results,” added Adriana Grineberg, Facebook regional manager in Central America. “This alliance with Cisneros Interactive will take Facebook closer to advertisers in the region, in order to offer the same service and experience we provide to our clients worldwide.”

Cisneros Interactive is one of the main players in the digital advertising industry in the region. Their new offices will be added to their already available services in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru.

Different aspects of Online Video Marketing were front and center during the first day of #PortadaLat in Miami’s Hyatt Regency Hotel. Major Thought Leaders including Jan Riemens, CEO of ZoominTV, Maya Kosovalic, Digital and Media Communications Manager at L”Oreal Travel Americas, Adriana Grineberg, Head of Operations Miami at Facebook and Carlos Espindola, Gerente eHub Latin America, 3M took the stage.

ZoominTV's Jan Riemens and Kaltura's Juan Carlos Santamaria
ZoominTV’s Jan Riemens and Kaltura’s Juan Carlos Santamaria

Jan Riemens cited a forecast according to which by 2020 50% of Audiovisual Ad revenues are going to be done through TV Everywhere (OTT). That certainly is a promising figure if it is taken into account that major corporations are already putting the majority of their expanding digital advertising dollars to work in online video.

jnowak_yume_headshotYume VP Emerging Market Jorg Nowak (photo on the right), whose company presented  research conducted with IPG MediaLab, during an exclusive VIP breakfast at the kick-off of @PortadaLat, cited another interesting stat: “Procter & Gamble invests 70% of its digital advertising in Online Video”.

Audiovisual Ad revenues are going to be done through TV Everywhere (OTT)

Cutting out the Middle Man

In an interesting on-stage idea exchange between ZomminTV’s Jan Riemens and Juan Carlos Santamaria, VP General Manager at Kaltura, the two executives said that Online Video is already cutting out the middleman in the media business. Redbull was cited as one example. Another one is the currently corruption scandal inmmersed World Soccer Association (FIFA). “In a few years, Fifa will be able to bypass the networks by broadcasting through apps”, Riemens claimed.

Online Video is already cutting out the middleman in the media business

CE.1Disintermediation is also a Trend for 3M’s Carlos Espindola (photo left) who noted that his company is putting a lot of emphasis on e-commerce rather than pure advertising. Espindola cited joint projects with Walmart and Amazon in Mexico.

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