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Questions? Feel free to email us. Or call (347) 961-9516 // (212) 685-4441

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[/tab] [tab title=”DATABASES”] Access Portada online databases and research reports that will help you identify opportunities and increase sales:

  • Portada’s thorough databases provide detailed contact information of Marketers targeting Hispanic and Latin American consumers.
  • These databases provide essential information for media companies and service providers to the Latin Marketing industries to develop new business and increase sales.

Online Directory of Corporate Marketers and Media Buyers/Planners targeting Latin Americans

An interactive online directory. with detailed contact information of more than 2,000+ Leading Agency and Marketing/Advertising Directors who are targeting Latin Americans and/or consumers in the Latin world

Search fields include:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Job -Title
  • Address
  • City
  • E-mail
  • Accounts under management
  • Phone
  • Other Comments


Contact acquisition happens through Portada’s own subscriber lists, conference attendees, barter with tradeshows, other research etc… Portada’s team continuously updates and proofs the lists through procedures including routine phone calls, e-mail testing and USPS NCOA lists. Price: The directory is included in the Portada Pro membership (additional benefits: access to all of Portada’s premium articles and reports and special discounts at Portada conferences), and its individual price is $849. Questions? Please call (347) 961-9516 if you have any questions. (From outside the U.S. please call (212) 685-4441).



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Portada reports are primary research pieces prepared for decision makers in marketing media, corporate strategy and business development teams. They also are an important resource to investment banks, private equity and other financial institutions who want to benefit from detailed market descriptions and key insights on consumer and media/advertising and content trends.


  • Report 1(available in 2015)
  • Report 2(available in 2015)
  • Report 3 (available in 2015)
  • Report 4 (available in 2015)
  • Report 5 (available in 2015)
  • Report 6 (available in 2015)
  • Report 8 (available in 2015)

(Individual price for the special reports: $99 each)


  • 2013 Annual Panregional Advertising and Media Report (20 plus pages!)  Price: $ 849.00 (in PDF format)  BUY NOW
  • 2015 Annual Panregional Advertising and Media Report Price: $ 849.00 (in PDF format)  BUY NOW



Key Data from Portada’s 2009 CVC Audit and Readership Survey.

  • Combined print, online and conference audience of more than 71,000
  • 97.8% of the Portada audience agrees with the phrase “Portada gives essential, high quality, relevant information about Latin Marketing and Media”:
  • 39.7% of our readers contacted an advertiser after reading advertising in the print publication.
  • 72.2% introduced new ideas after reading a Portada issue
  • More than 53% of Portada’s audience are C-level professionals in the Latin Marketing, Media, Advertising and Content sectors.
  • 75% of Portada’s audience is comprised by Marketing and Media buying, planning executives.

Contenido LLC dba Portada

  • Operates the following Websites and associated Newsletters:
  • Publishes a quarterly magazine (2009 audited circ. 12,910, pass along 4.75)
  • Produces two Annual Conferences:
    • Panregional Advertising and Media Summit, Miami
    • Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference, NYC
  • Manages two Annual Awards:
    • Panregional Advertising and Media Awards
    • Hispanic Digital and Print Media Awards
  • Compiles and publishes two Online Databases:
    • Directory of Corporate Marketers and Media Buyers/Planners targeting Hispanic Consumers
    • Directory of Corporate Marketers and Media Buyers/Planners targeting Latin American consumers
  • Produces several research reports about the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American advertising, media and content markets.

Call us now at 1-800-397-5322 to speak with one of our knowledgeable specialists and discover how you can connect with qualified professionals in the Latin advertising, media and content markets and grow your business. For advertising inquiries, please e-mail advertise@www.www.portada-online.com. [/tab] [/tabs]

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