Wix announced that it will return to the Super Bowl marketing lineup with a new TV spot airing during the FOX broadcast of Super Bowl LI on Sunday, February 5, 2017. Omer Shai, CMO at Wix.com talks to Portada about how the 30 second TV spots are just one part of his company’s Super Bowl investment.

omer-shai-1“Our Super Bowl campaigns aren’t limited to the 30-second spots but are built out to month-long campaigns that extend outside of game day and the United States. We recently announced our third year as a Super Bowl advertiser and rather than just limit it to the US English-speaking community we are also reaching the Spanish-speaking community through bilingual activity, such as our recent release and social activity. Our focus on working on integrated cross-cultural campaigns is emphasized with Super Bowl 50’s TVC with Kung Fu Panda. This campaign was adapted for different markets and in seven languages including Portuguese, Korean, and Spanish.”


Rather than just limit it to the US English-speaking community we are also reaching the Spanish-speaking community through bilingual activity.

Super Bowl Investment Adds Cross-Channel Campaign

With Super Bowl spots being able to cost in excess of US $5 million, one key question is how brands can measure the ROI on their investment. Shai notes that the Super Bowl campaign allows Wix to expose its brand to a massive audience.” While the Super Bowl is the most watched broadcast of the year with over 100 million viewers, we will launch a cross-channel campaign that reaches hundreds of millions worldwide – in addition to the commercial. We hope to build on our success of last year when our campaign ranked #1 with 36,459,669 views online. This made the decision to go back to Super Bowl easy, as we had a positive return on investment and saw a meaningful growth in our brand awareness.”

Alignment with Sports Events…

Shai believes that the tenants of sports aligns closely with his brand. “The ideas of teamwork and connecting with fans (or users) is the basis of anything we do as a company. It also allows us to reach a diverse and large audience worldwide that we are always happy to engage with.”

… Sponsor of Manchester City and FC New York

Shai notes that after the success with Super Bowl advertising, Wix decided to expand to the most popular sport in the world – soccer. “Soccer is greatly loved and celebrated across the globe, and the Premier League is the #1 most viewed, admired and celebrated league. Working with a globally recognized club like Manchester City allows us to engage with tens of thousands of fans worldwide. The partnership with MCFC officially kicked off with the release of an online video featuring Manchester City FC players building a Wix website dedicated to the fans and the chants they love as former professional footballer and pundit, Chris Kamara, commentates on every click. The video also served as inspiration for the creation of an all new Wix website ‘Sing Loud, Sing Proud’ where Manchester City fans can listen to some of their favorite chants, and later on upload their very own renditions of the City songs they love.”

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In-House Creative Agency

To some extent Wix can be described as a creative agency. As Shai explains Wix’s in-house studio leads and actively participates in creating and maintaining all Wix products and promotions. “We have over 100 designers and UX designers who take great pride in executing creative materials across the board – web design, branding, printed materials, events, animation, video and more.
As we have an incredibly talented internal team, we feel confident telling our own story. Wix is a product company and we build our campaigns to highlight not only our platform capabilities but the amazing ways that our customers use Wix to make their businesses and brands come alive.”

Combining Off-line and Online

“By combining both online and offline activities we create an engaged user experience,” Shai emphasizes. One example is  the  New York Yankees partnership with Wix.com. Which hosted Yankees legend, Mariano Rivera, at the Wix Lounge in NYC this fall. “We amplified the reach of an event where users can come and hear Mariano speak about his career through a Facebook livestream. This event helped us not only provide a perk to Wix users but also helped us reach a larger audience and talk about a new product of ours – Wix ADI.”

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Substantial Presence in Brazil

Brazil is an important market for Wix. In Brazil, as in the US, Wix uses multi-touchpoint campaigns to connect with its audience across verticals and platforms. “Last summer we partnered with Condé Nast to give three users the chance to shoot the cover of one of three magazines and had amazing success in Brazil. As seen with this video, we not only translated but localized the efforts by amplifying the contest via blog posts, offline events, social and digital to resonate within the Brazilian market. To coincide with the Condé Nast partnership we hosted various events focusing on the photography community such as the Foto Conhecimento (Photography Congress) to create a stronger tie-in.


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