Tour Latino Spurs Hispanic Business Growth In Florida

What: The fifth annual Tour Latino cycling event took place in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, in support of Hispanic non-profit business Prospera.
Why it matters: Engaging families of multiple cultures and sponsors of all types, Tour Latino shows how Hispanic-owned businesses can connect to the community through sports.

In a great example of how Hispanic organizations can use sports to gain attention —and funding—, Orlando-based business group Prospera (@ProsperaUSA) has found success tapping into the cycling community via Tour Latino, which held its fifth annual event on Sunday.

The brainchild of Prospera board member Conrad Santiago, Tour Latino has more than doubled its participation since its inception, and more importantly has captured the attention of sponsors who want to connect with riders and families who attend the festive day. The event offers five separate distances from 10-100 miles, attracting a broad cross-section of riders, and various events designed for all ages.

“Tour Latino is for everyone, you don’t need an expensive bike,” said Gaby Ortigoni, Prospera’s vice president of the Central Florida region. “It’s a family event that attracts a good demographic for Hispanic business owners, and sponsorship is the main way we raise funds from it.”

The not-for-profit Prospera is an economic development organization that for nearly three decades has helped Hispanic entrepreneurs establish and expand businesses in Florida. Some of the sponsors that took part in the 2018 Tour Latino event included organizations as diverse as Conrad Santiago & Associates with Ameriprise Financial, Univision Orlando, 98.1 Salsa y Mas, Orlando Health, Fifth Third Bank and Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts, among others.

“We have seen big increases in participation not only in Florida but from other states, and not just within the Hispanic Community,” added Ortigoni. “It’s an event that cyclists also like because it’s the beginning of the cycling season in Florida and Clermont Waterfront Park is ideal because of the hills.”

This confluence has helped to make Tour Latino, as the only sports-related event for Prospera, an important part of the non-profit’s marketing and fundraising each year.