Top LatAm Sports Sites: 34.4% of Mexican Internet-Users Consume Sports Content Online

What: We looked at Comscore data of the most-visited Sports sites in Latin America, and particularly in Mexico.
Why it matters: Latin Americans are very interested in sports; the websites they choose to consume content shed light on what interests them the most.

With the World Cup around the corner, sports websites are becoming more and more relevant to consumers. For Latin American audiences, websites that are informative and comprehensive are at a clear advantage, and more so if they offer relevant video content or even streaming links. It will be interesting to take a look at how the ranking moves in the following months as we get closer to World Cup months.

Top 10 Sports Sites in Latin America, April 2018

Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop. Total Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet: Total Audience 183,917
Sports 52,101
1 Globo Esportes 11,005
2 MSN Sports 7,144
3 UOL Esporte 4,982
4 ESPN 4,222
5 Sites 3,897
6 Marca Sites 3,449
8 El Comercio Deporte Total DT 2,440
9 OLE.COM.AR 2,269
    [Source: comScore]
  • From the total amount of Latin Americans with an internet connection, 28.3% consumed sports content online in April.
  • Those users chose a variety of sites to find the content they were looking for, but Brazilian website Globo Esportes had the most visitors: 21.1%.
  • MSN Sports was visited by 13.7% of Latin Americans looking for sports content online.
  • UOL Esporte is right behind with 9.5% of visits.
  • 8.1% of visitors went to the ESPN website.
  • 7.4% of sports content users visited sites, which is also number one in the ranking of Mexican sites.
  • Marca Sites was seen by 6.6% of sports content users; very similarly, Desafio Mundial received 6.5% of visits.
  • 4.6% of users preferred to find sports content on El Comercio Deporte Total DT. 
  • was seen by 4.3% of viewers.
  • 3.5% of viewers visited, a website that could become more relevant as the World Cup approaches, since more users will be looking for links to stream matches for free.

Top 10 Sports Sites in Mexico, April 2018

Total Audience, Home, and Work, PC/Laptop. All Tablets, All Smartphones Total Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet: Total Audience 64,619
Sports 22,238
1 Sites 4,334
2 Marca Sites 4,103
3 ESPN 3,673
6 MSN Sports 2,145
7 Televisa Deportes 2,135
8 El Comercio Deporte Total DT 1,309
9 DEPOR.COM 1,093
10 Minute Media 927

[Source: comScore]

  • 34.4% of Mexicans with an internet connection consumed sports content online in April.
  • 19.4% of those users visited to find that content.
  • Marca Sites was visited by 18.4% of viewers.
  • 16.5% of users searched for sports content on ESPN. 
  • Medio Tiempo received 15% of visits.
  • 11.4% of sports content users visited Record.
  • MSN Sports and Televisa Deportes received almost identical numbers of visitors, each with 9.6% of visits.
  • El Comercio Deporte Total DT was seen by 5.8% of users.
  • 4.9% of viewers visited DEPOR.COM.
  • 4.1% of users went to Minute Media.