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Super Bowl: Pre and Post-Game Stats & Hispanics Viewers

Portada reflects on the Super Bowl's digital performance: Streaming viewership was at its highest ever, Facebook and Twitter generated less game-related activity than last year and Instagram got in on the Super Bowl video content bandwagon. And what Hispanic Audiences did...



With the third-largest audience in Super Bowl history, Super Bowl 50‘s pre and post-game digital stats revealed interesting insight on how the Big Game’s audience is evolving, as the build-up to the game is now almost as important as game day itself. Streaming viewership was at its highest ever, Facebook and Twitter generated less game-related activity than last year and Instagram got in on the Super Bowl video content bandwagon.


Pre-Super Bowl Tallies

  • There was a huge jump in social media activity in the final 48 hours with 3.7 million social actions explicitly related to Super Bowl 50 ads and teasers across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (likes, comments, tweets, shares, etc). That is a jump of over 2mm from Friday.
  • Pokemon, Hyundai and Heinz generated the most organic digital activity (details below), while Doritos, T-Mobile, Bud Light and Amazon each deployed different tactics to gain reach and some momentum heading into the big game.
  • On TV: An estimated US$1,244 million has been spent on 3,207 national ads. All told, paid and earned television airings of Super Bowl ads and teasers have amassed 404.5 million TV impressions. Bud Light (104.2 million) is owning the lion’s share of the impressions.
  • The race for online views is being led by Hyundai (52.3 million), Budweiser (29 million) and Wix (27.9 million), all of which are investing in getting their ads seen on YouTube and Facebook. Of the 404.6.8 million views so far for all Super 50 ads and teasers, estimates 117.1 million are organic or unpaid. Of note, Hyundai has spent to generate 33.9 million views on this teaser.
  • Earned TV impressions before ads are inserted: Some Super Bowl 50 ads and teasers, despite not running in paid ad slots, have generated significant impressions from replays on news and entertainment programs. Before paying to officially air an ad on national TV, Amazon Echo has generated 10.8 million TV views, followed by Audi (10.3 million), SoFi (9.7 million), TurboTax (9.7 million), Hyundai (9.4 million), and MINI USA (8.8 million).

Post-Game Highlights

Now that the game is over and the trophies have been handed out, the digital stats are in, and they do not disappoint.

  • The game generated 200 million posts, comments or likes on Facebook during the game and 3.9 million Tweets during the halftime show featuring Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars. 
  • While these numbers sound high, they are lower than last year’s 265 million posts, comments or likes, despite Facebook’s new Sports Stadium feature for football fans. Tweets went down since 2014, too, when there were 16.9 million tweets about the game from 3.8 million unique authors.
  • But streaming made a huge surge this year, as online viewers tuned in to 315 minutes of game coverage. An average of 1.4 million people streamed the game per minute. This is up from last year’s 800,000 average viewers per minute, 1.3 million concurrent users and 213 million total minutes. This is mainly due to the new offering of “OTT” devices like Apple TV, Roku and Xbox One.
  • Instagram joined the party this year as well with a new Super Bowl video channel that pulled in 38 million people and generated 155 million interactions including posts, likes and comments.



Top Three Super Bowl Spots Ranked by Organic Views and Social Actions

Hyundai’s bet on ‘First Date’ worked out, and while it generated just 79.5k social actions, it reached 269mm users through organic views.


Mountain Dew’s ‘Puppymonkeybaby’ was unforgettably unique, and captured almost 13% of the game’s social response with 244.6k social actions and a total of over 272mm impressions. On game day it had 2.25mm organic views.


Hyundai’s ‘Ryanville’ – starring Ryan Reynolds – was responsible for almost 5% of the total digital response for Super Bowl ads on Sunday alone, earning over 2 million organic views and generating over 31.4k social actions. It’s total social volume was 23.8 million impressions.


Pre/Post-Game Highlights: Hispanic Audiences

Global audience technology company Yume carried out the first survey to specifically gauge how U.S. Hispanics planned to watch the Big Game. It found that the way respondents watch the game is shifting to become truly multi-screen.

  • According to the U.S. Hispanic survey, 37% of respondents planned to watch the game on more screens than last year.
  • The survey also found that Hispanic viewers were excited about the game’s other major attraction: the ads. 79% of respondents cited advertisements as a major draw, with 34% planning to re-watch ads after the game on their smartphone.

The U.S. live survey found that the majority of respondents watched the Big Game at home this year, with 28% purchasing new equipment to watch the game. 67% of respondents believe that game-time ads ignite brand awareness and 26% looked up a product advertised during The Big Game on their smartphone.

U.S. Hispanic Poll Key Findings

Ad activity:

Actions likely to perform on their smartphone while watching:

  • 45% intended to follow players and/or teams on their smartphone
  • 35% intended to download a Big Game related app on their smartphone

How respondents planned to watch:

  • 29% planned to purchase new electronic equipment for the game
  • 27% planned to stream live on a smart TV, 15% smartphone, 14% tablet

“Both of our surveys show that audiences are eager to engage with a variety of content during one of the most popular sporting events in the world,” says Paul Neto, Director of Research, YuMe. “Brand advertisers should take full advantage of this tremendous opportunity to reach audiences across all screens.”

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