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Nike Takes a Next Step With the Women of Mexico

Nike debuted its Juntas Imparables campaign, step one of a long planned and multitiered play into the Mexican marketplace for Nike.


What: Nike debuted its Juntas Imparables campaign, step one of a long planned and multitiered play into the Mexican marketplace for Nike.
Why it matters: Juntas Imparables recognizes the fast-growing active young Latinas marketplace, and ties in a call for the cause of youth play.

The past few weeks the brand power of Nike (@Nikehas grown as it continues to show its edginess with the campaign that featured many athletes, especially Colin Kaepernick (@Kaepernick7and Serena Williams (@serenawilliams); two hot buttons with media recently.

However not to be underestimated is the brands power to engage globally, and this past week they unveiled another powerful campaign targeted at the Latinas of Mexico.

The new, irreverent film and first Nike Women’s JDI campaign in Mexico, Juntas Imparables (“Unstoppable Together”), hit markets large and small last week to rave reviews.

The opening shots show the bustling streets of Mexico City, with an endless stream of cars frozen in traffic. Then a woman sprints by on a run, igniting a citywide rally cry that shows how the challenges of being female are no obstacle for those intent on achieving their goals. The film features cameos by top female Mexican athletes such as Nayeli Rangel, Mariana Juárez, Paola Morán, Alexa Moreno and Casandra Ascencio.

Juntas Imparables also coincides with a call to action: From September 10 through October 19, Mexican women can register a team of four to log workout minutes through the Nike Training Club (NTC) (@NikeTraining) App, Nike Run Club (NRC) (@NikeRunningor in face-to-face sessions at the Nike Women MX House. Teams can review progress via a scoreboard; the winning team will receive a one-year Nike sponsorship. Nike will also convert every minute registered into hours of play for kids through “Made To Play” and in collaboration with partnering organizations.

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“This is a great play for Nike on at least two fronts,” said Harrie Bakst, co-founder of Weinstein Carnegie, a firm that works directly with athletes, celebrities and brands in cause marketing. “First, it recognizes a fast-growing marketplace that many in the active wear space are missing, active young Latinas, especially in Mexico. Second, it ties in a call for cause, which gives those on the fence in participating a reason to engage in the fall, when maybe less activity is planned after a busy summer. It’s really smart and shows the expansive and aggressive power Nuke is taking in the marketplace.”

This will be step one of a long-planned and multitiered play into the Mexican marketplace for Nike, and is a natural step for the brand as the Mexican economy rises and brand value for companies becomes more intense. While the female consumer in the U.S. has long been a target for lifestyle campaigns, segmenting an activity into Mexico has been a missed step.

Nike, never one to miss an edgy step, take one here with a bold campaign that should get attention and drive new engagement.


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