Mexico –National Soccer Team Signs new Sponsorships

What: Aeroméxico and Delta ink a deal to sponsor the Mexican National Soccer Team.
Why it Matters: Because the three-year agreement will boost the “Tri de Fútbol”, including play in two major international events: the Confederations Cup, which kicks off in Russia in June, and the 2018 World Cup.

Aeroméxico and Delta have inked a deal to sponsor the Mexican National Soccer Team, with the intention of reaching the 140 million fans who follow the team in the U.S. and Mexico.

The two companies, which are seeking an alliance to operate as one carrier in the U.S.-Mexico airline market, will serve as the team’s official airlines for three years.

“This sponsorship reflects the importance that the Mexican National Soccer Team and our partnership with Delta have for our country. We are very excited to launch this new sponsorship and we hope our customers and colleagues will be pleased,” said Anko van der Werff, Executive Director of Revenue, Aeroméxico.

During an event held in Aeroméxico’s hangar, Decio de María, President of the Mexican Soccer Federation, explained it is the first commercial alliance between the Mexican and American airline companies.

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The sponsorship deal, whose amount was not disclosed, will include brand exposure through a series of promotional elements in all Mexico games.

“I hope that the following steps include seeing the Mexican National Soccer Team travel on an Aeroméxico and Delta flight, and making it to our first game in 2026 (World Cup),” said Decio de María.


Photo: Mexican National Soccer Team