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Oscar Madrid is the director of multicultural marketing for the entire Verizon FIOS division across the United States. Originally from El Paso, Texas, he now lives in New Jersey, to be close to Verizon’s headquarters. Madrid, who joined one of Verizon Wireless’ predecessor companies in 1989, has served in a variety of positions with Verizon Wireless, including a position that gave him the leadership for Multicultural Marketing at Verizon Wireless in 12 Western States. Portada interviewed Madrid about his current position at Verizon FIOS, and the important role sports content and sports marketing plays in it.

Portada: What role does sports marketing play in Verizon FIOS’ marketing strategy?
Oscar Madrid, Director of Multicultural Marketing, Verizon FIOS.: “Sports runs in the blood of the Hispanic consumer. That’s why FIOS continues to invest in the best sports programming that appeals to them: BeIN Sports, Fox Deportes, ESPN Deportes, Gol TV and T&C sports. These are all examples of this. Our sports marketing efforts aim to bring not only awareness of this content being available but to provide unique connection and access opportunities to our customer’s passion for their favorite teams and players. One example is the marketing initiatives we have in place with the Jets (NFL) and the Mets (MLB). From providing exclusive content to opportunities to get tickets to game.”

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