Combate Americas Live Events Earn Solid Ratings In April

What: Combate Americas drew strong ratings on its two live April broadcasts, “Combate Estrellas I” and “Combate Estrellas II” on Univision and Univision Deportes, as well as in Mexico on Azteca 7.
Why it matters: Combate Americas is positioning itself as a premier destination for Hispanic MMA fans, and advertisers have followed.

Combate Americas (@combateamericas), which bills itself as the premier Hispanic mixed martial arts franchise, last week announced the ratings for its first two, live 2018 events, which aired on consecutive Fridays, April 13 (Combate Estrellas I) and April 20 (Combate Estrellas II), in the U.S. and Mexico. Showing the early strength of the new brand and growth of the sport in the Latino community in general, Combate CEO Campbell McLaren (@campbellcombatewas pleased with the numbers.

“The amazing growth of our TV ratings confirms we are the hottest MMA promotion in the world,” McLaren said in a statement. Portada featured McLaren and Combate in an exclusive Q&A last month heading into the events.

According to its release, “Combate Estrellas I,” airing on Univision (@Univision) and simulcast on Univision Deportes Network, drew 583,000 viewers, including a strong 296,000 in the 18-49 demo in the U.S., while garnering more than 4,000,000 pairs of eyeballs on Mexican powerhouse broadcaster Azteca 7.

Combates Estrella II, exclusively broadcasted on UDN, had 200,000 viewers.

In the Hispanic world, Combate Americas has taken the most focused steps, and advertisers have taken notice.

MMA, which began to find a more mainstream audience in the last decade in the U.S. through UFC and other promotions’ agreements with Fox, CBS, AXS TV and others, continues to be a hit with a Latino community steeped in the boxing world. What was one more of a “Wild West” has trimmed somewhat to a more manageable roster of promoters, each finding a niche in the sport.

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In the Hispanic world, Combate Americas has taken the most focused steps, and advertisers have taken notice. Anheuser-Busch’s Estrella Jalisco (@EstrellaJalisco), Advance Auto Parts (@AdvanceAuto), Double Cross Vodka (), HOT 6 Energy Drink and Battle Boom Gaming were all partners for Combate Estrellas II, with fighters from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala and Argentina among the athletes competing on the cards.

Combates Estrella III, featuring some of the preliminary bouts not shown in the first two events, aired on UDN this past Friday. The next broadcast is set for May 11, live from Sacramento, in Combate Mexico vs. USA.

Cover Image: Credit Combate Americas