Allstate’s Daniel Keats to Explain why U.S. Soccer is Much more than Fútbol at #Portada17

Daniel Keats, Director Sports and Sponsorships, Consumer Marketing at Allstate Insurance is the latest addition of high powered brand marketing executives to speak at our annual conference (#Portada17 in New York City on Sept. 13-14). Keats is going to provide unique insights on soccer marketing in the U.S and why the soccer opportunity extends far beyond the Hispanic market (fútbol).

Daniel Keats, Director Sports and Sponsorships, Consumer Marketing Allstate Insurance, (photo) is going to be participating at the Sports Marketing Forum on Sept. 13. The Sports Forum precedes the 11th Annual Multicultural Marketing and Media Conference on Sept. 14, in the same venue, NYC’s Yotel).

Allstate, initially used soccer content and sponsorships to attract Hispanic audiences. However, the nation’s second largest insurer soon realized that soccer has an enormous potential to attract overall U.S. audiences, particularly through local grassroots efforts. How did Allstate come to these insights and how are they being incorporated into its marketing and media strategy? Hear all the answers from the main executive behind Allstate’s Sports and Sponsorship consumer marketing. Allstate is a MLS sponsor as well as a sponsor of the Mexican National Team.

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