SOUNDING OFF: Zeph Snapp – 4 Steps To Sell to the Spanish Speaking Market

4Today more and more industries are trying to find out how to market to the Spanish speaking consumer in the U.S. But it is not always an easy transition to enter into a new market .Zeph Snapp, Altura Interactive and Altura Auto founder,  suggests some tips to sell more to the Spanish speaking market.

Show Them The Facts


With nearly 13% of US citizens speaking spanish at home this is a huge opportunity for most businesses.

Help business owners realize the huge opportunities that are in the growing Spanish speaking market.

For example in the car dealer niche  Hispanic auto sales grew by 15%, where as the auto industry as a whole only increased by 5.9%. Because of this car dealers are putting a lot of attention into marketing more to Spanish speakers.

1. Help Them Hire A Spanish Speaking Staff

Once the business is dedicated to focusing on the Spanish speaking market the next problem they run into is hiring the right staff.

You can help by creating checklists and guides that they can use to hire and train their employees.

For example, we created a list of tips to help auto dealers to sell cars to hispanics.


2. Make Sure They Have A Dedicated Phone & Email Address

Once they hire the right employees to work with Spanish speaking customers.

We recommend that the business set up a separate phone line and email for Spanish speakers.  This helps the customer feel comfortable and important when engaging with the company.

3. Create A Website For Spanish Speakers


Don’t let a browser or robot “auto-translate” your website for you. This can cause a lot of confusion and turn potential clients away from the business.

To help them understand the feeling you can show them a few signs of people misusing English and they get the idea.

4. Concluding Thoughts

We can expect to see a lot more investment in marketing to Spanish speakers in 2016 and beyond. Hispanic marketers should look for ways to help these companies be successful in their campaigns to the Spanish market.

Do you have tips on helping businesses start marketing to Spanish speakers? Please let us know in the comments!

Zeph Snapp founded Altura Interactive and Altura Auto to provide Spanish Digital Marketing for international companies and agencies. He loves to speak about the work we are doing, and have given talks at great industry events like Mozcon, SearchFest, State of Search, and Digital Dealers Conference.