mike.caprioMike Caprio is the VP of Latin America and GM of Global Trading for Sizmek.

Below I’ve identified a few areas where you can quickly elevate your digital competency. These are just a few examples of ways your agency or brand come become more sophisticated, and you can use this as leverage to grow your digital business.


Data is the fuel that makes your digital engine roar. Without consistent and reliable performance data, you lose a primary benefit of digital advertising. Being able to retarget users who have previously visited your website, who have put something in a shopping cart and not checked out, or you know is a fan of sports, fashion or news, provides great opportunity to reach these consumers with an offer or creative message that provide a stronger likelihood of conversion.

Even in the largest media markets in Latin America, including Mexico and Colombia, agencies track campaigns, but don’t serve them. The distinction is simple. Unless you are serving your ads, you cannot take advantage of this data in real-time. Targeting creative is not possible without ad serving. Brands are very particular about their data, and any digital campaign that is tracked and not served runs the risk of missing key digital drivers that could be the difference between success and failure. And when you’re talking about pennies, it’s not worth the risk.


An important companion to Ad Serving is Attribution—the practice of understanding what steps a user took prior to conversion. When billions of dollars are spent worldwide on search, display, social and video, how do agencies know what creative, or medium drove interest and success? Tools that connect and report in on channels are available.

Verification and Viewability

Fraud in digital advertising is rampant.

Agencies around the World are taking one of two positions: 1.) “I want to know when my clients are being defrauded and do something about it”; or 2.) “What I don’t know doesn’t hurt me”.

Today there are tools being used by the most sophisticated agencies and brands across the globe to provide transparency on their campaigns. How they leverage this varies by agency. Some use it to negotiate make-goods, some use it to identify publishers who honor their insertion orders, and some use it as a veiled threat to put their publishers on notice —to use un-viewable ads for someone else not paying attention.

HTML5-Creative Across All Screens

Mobile usage has exploded around the World. Ensuring your rich media and video can run across whatever device your user is surfing on is critical. This trend is no more relevant than in social.


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