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Sounding Off: Jessica Alas “Three People You Should Add to Your Hispanic Radio Press List Now!”


jessica.alasJessica Alas is the Media Relations Director of Multicultural Markets and Hispanic PR Wire.

Marketers wanting to improve the reach of their message recognize that radio is an integral part of any public relations campaign. According to research reported by Nielsen Audio (Arbitron’s Hispanic Radio Today 2013), “about 95% of Hispanic consumers in the US tune to the radio in an average week, underscoring a strong relationship with an important and growing listener segment.”

Hispanic radio stations are also popping up in new markets. So in order to increase brand engagement, a successful Hispanic media outreach campaign should embrace this important demographic with original multimedia content such as sound bites and images targeted to the right people at the right time.

But as station budgets become tighter and job duties expand to include multiple functions, the lines that separate journalist from the non-journalist become more and more blurry. Therefore a successful Hispanic radio outreach campaign should encompass more than a morning show host, news director or producer. Expanding your efforts to include the following three people may very well increase media coverage for your next campaign.

On-air personalities / talent: Many FM personalities have segments throughout the day where they inform their listeners on all types of news and some even have their own blogs on the radio station website. Unfortunately, many media relations practitioners fail to include them on their list and thus they may be even more receptive to your content.

The website/ community manager: Just about every Hispanic radio station across the country has a website regardless of market. From a team of content producers and community managers in larger markets to a webmaster who doubles as a journalist in smaller ones, these important gatekeepers hold the key to including your content on their site.

Their clients: Many radio stations have brokered airtime to lawyers, doctors, religious and political leaders and others who wish to present themselves as experts in their fields. These independent talk show hosts need to keep their listeners engaged with fresh content that is informative and relevant to their show topics.

So, if you don’t have these titles in your Hispanic radio press list now, don’t wait. It’s time to update!

Jessica Alas has over 15 years of experience as a journalist and media relations practitioner, Jessica Alas leads PR Newswire’s multicultural media relations efforts, helping the Hispanic, African American, Asian American and Native American media with tools and services to facilitate their work as journalists and bloggers. She also manages PR Newswire’s multicultural media relationships with websites, trade shows and conferences. Prior to her role at PR Newswire, Ms. Alas was National Entertainment Content Producer for and Head of Miami Operations for

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