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Sounding Off: Anup Karadiya “B2B Lead Generation: Locating The Best Leads”


anuyAnup Karadiya – Executive – The Global Associates

Over the years, B2B lead generation has evolved by leaps and bounds. However, its importance is still the same – paramount. Maintaining consistency in revenue growth is one of the biggest challenges for all kinds of businesses, and high quality leads certainly have a big role to play in this context. Considering that the markets are still reeling under the negative impact of the financial turmoil across the world. The only way out is to invest in good B2B leads that will pave the road for better business opportunities.

The problem in getting such leads is generally for small and medium sized firms, since the big guns obviously have their brand equity and results to count on. Also, small and medium sized firms don’t have the luxury of financial and physical assets to compete with larger enterprises. This is also a reason why professional lead generation companies are on a rise, since they can position their clients in the right light in front of the prospective customers, bringing the salient features upfront and reducing the impact of the negatives, or at least what’s unfavorable in the eyes of the clients.

Also, since modern day B2B lead generation firms use a new-age telemarketing system, one can be sure that the leads would not backfire. The only important factor is to find the right firm that can help the organization scale new heights in business, and then just sit back and concentrate on making the most of the available opportunities. That’s all it takes to build a successful business empire.

To get the maximum out of online B2B lead generation, one must have a well-defined timeline, which may in cases be even more detailed and in-depth than offline marketing, simply because there are generally many more collaterals in the online channel. One also needs to decide the duration of time for which the ad or email marketing campaign would run. Top of mind recall is extremely important for all kinds of firms, which is why repeatedly seeing a brand is a priority. And lastly, having an impressive website is a must, since one can’t operate in the offline world and advertise online!

Finding the ideal mix between online and offline channels is the ultimate objective of every marketer.

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