SALES LEADS: Northgate Gonzalez Market, Tecate, MCM Worldwide…

A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting U.S. consumers right now.

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  • Northgate Gonzalez Market

Independent grocer Northgate Gonzalez Market is moving its point-of-sale system to the cloud by integrating NCR Emerald, which will transform the Hispanic retailer’s digital services and help innovate the customer experience. Atlanta-based NCR is a software- and services-led enterprise provider in the retail industry. Northgate is among the retailers that are moving into a digital-first world and engage customers before they ever set foot in a store. With NCR Emerald, the grocer gains the benefits of a cloud-based point-of-sale infrastructure that will help it quickly deploy new customer-facing applications. Additionally, the open architecture of NCR Emerald will help Northgate leverage and integrate its previous investments in loyalty, payments and merchandising.Anaheim, Calif.-based Northgate Gonzalez Market operates 40 full-service supermarkets in three California counties: Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego. Caro D’Antuono, Vice President of Marketing at Northgate Markets is a member of Portada´s Sports Marketing Board. 


  • Tecate

Mexican beer brand Tecate, owned by Heineken USA, is expanding the “We are Bold” campaign with new video spots.Created with agency Nómades, the ‘We Are Bold’ campaign centers on the cultural insight that guys everywhere become friends, but bicultural Hispanic men become brothers. The campaign is supported with online video, broadcast, digital and social, radio and out-of-home. The brand is also releasing  a higher-alcohol beer called Tecate Titanium.The new Tecate Titanium doesn’t have a televised marketing element, but is an important growth area for the brand. At 7.5% ABV, Titanium will be available in 24-ounce, single serve cans, and will launch in select markets throughout the country including New York and the Sun Belt states. Titanium will capitalize on the increased popularity of Mexican Imports, and the growing demand for higher-strength beers.Titanium will be promoted through out-of-home advertising close to the stores and with radio and sampling events. Belen Pamukoff, Tecate brand director, told The Drum that Tecate is also concentrating on expanding social media efforts through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, along with a series of six-second gifs. The brand will be localizing communications to be very direct to local markets, with a lot of the volume going to the Sun Belt in California, Dallas, Houston and New Mexico. Pamukoff is a member of Portada´s Brand Star Committee.


  • MCM Worldwide

MCM Worldwide, a leather luxury goods brand founded by Michael Cromer and bought out by Sungjoo Group in 2005, has appointed Spark Foundry as its global media agency following a competitive review. PGR Media was the incumbent.Spark Foundry will handle strategy, content, digital buying and data & analytics, across the brand’s U.S., EMEA and APAC markets.


2019 NETWORKING SOLUTIONS. To find out about Portada’s new networking solutions targeting the decision makers of the above campaigns, please contact our Sales Manager Isabel Ojeda at [email protected].



  • Goya Foods

Goya Foods, the largest Hispanic owned food company in the United States, was voted as America’s number two most loved U.S. food brand and placed in the top 10 most loved brands in the country, according to the second annual Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial® brand awards.Founded in 1936 in New York City, Goya has provided consumers with over 2,500 high quality, authentic, and affordable products ranging from everyday staples like olive oil and seasonings to classic ingredients like rice and beans; cultural foods that remind people of their native homes and often times, their grandmother’s cooking. Goya’s improvement is related to continued strong performance with positive conversations, both online and offline, as well as more offline conversation among non-Hispanic consumers.

  • Café Bustelo®

Café Bustelo®, the rich espresso-style Latin coffee brand, launched a café inside a shipping container where residents can explore the brand’s Sabor Latino and purchase coffee drinks such as cafecito, colada, cortadito and café con leche. The café will also serve traditional Latin indulgences including pastelitos and empanadas. Located at 3615 Montrose Boulevard, the café will be open from 7 am until 4 pm daily now through May 25. Houston’s Montrose area boasts a vibrant and diverse culture that speaks to Café Bustelo® brand’s roots in Latin tradition and dedication to celebrating community. Through May 25Café Bustelo® will host a variety of organizations, providing a platform for art and live performance. A portion of the proceeds from the café will be donated directly to the organizations involved.