SALES LEADS: NBCUniversal Entertainment, eSalon, Toyota…

A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting U.S. consumers right now.

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  • NBCUniversal Entertainment

NBCUniversal Entertainment, the Entertainment arm of NBCUniversal, has appointed Publicis Media’s Spark Foundry as its´new media planning and buyinga AOR following a competitive review. The business that changed hands with this decision amounts to approximately one-tenth of the company’s total portfolio, and NBC may be taking an unspecified portion of the work in-house, Adweek reports.Incumbent WPP’s Essence, which defended the business, will continue to manage the majority of NBCUniversal’s ad buying business, including its broadcast, cable, digital, film, ad sales and owned stations divisions.NBCUniversal spends more than US$1 billion in paid media across its divisions in the U.S. each year, and Kantar Media’s most recent numbers have NBC Media’s total at approximately US$233 million for 2017.



  • eSalon

Customized color brand eSalon announced the launch of a fully personalized client experience in Spanish. With this new Spanish-language site, eSalon gains the ability to reach an entirely new demographic of potential clients who are typically underserved by English-speaking direct-to-consumer brands in the US market.Localization will open the doors to more customer acquisition and engagement with the Hispanic population. The push includes a new website (, which can also be found through a toggle on the English site,, targeted emails and on-bottle instructions and videos personalized for the U.S. Hispanic market (meaning product copy and tutorials are not direct translations from its English site). The directive came from eSalon CEO and co-founder Francisco Gimenez, who is interested in growing eSalon’s Latino population. eSalon has shipped 6 million orders.



  • Toyota

Toyota RAV4 is finally getting a flagship status for brand that includes a new advertising campaign. The completely redesigned 2019 RAV4, the best-selling SUV in the U.S. that accounts for about 20 percent of Toyota’s overall sales in the U.S. market, is the subject of a fresh and relevant new advertising campaign.Toyota’s new campaign for RAV4 has an adventurous edge.One of the main points of the new RAV4 advertising campaign, titled “What if?,” is to give the nameplate a bit of a daring, almost off-the-grid sort of edge. Toyota also is targeting multicultural audiences with the new RAV4 campaign, given that they account for 38 percent of U.S. sales of the nameplate. Specific ads are aimed at Hispanic car buyers (in Spanish) and Asian-Americans, a group of whom enjoy using RAV4 as the platform for a tech-based fishing expedition. The new campaign followed hot on the heels of a Super Bowl TV ad for RAV4 that featured its new hybrid version.


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  • McDonald’s

McDonald’s is unveiling “Black & Positively Golden,” an effort so broad it isn’t calling it a campaign but rather “a campaign movement.” The newest ads are the kickoff of the biggest overhaul to the restaurant chain’s African-American marketing in 16 years, according to Adage. Black & Positively Golden, which is focused on education, empowerment and entrepreneurship, replaces the 365Black platform that McDonald’s began using in 2003.It includes a 60-second spot, radio and social media push through the new Instagram channel, @wearegolden and print ads that will run in publications.McDonald’s is seeking to build brand devotion among multicultural customers. Last year,the fast-food chain expanded its Hacer scholarship program for Hispanic students to 30 winners from five.