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Sales Leads: La Bella, Dos Equis, Omnicom…


A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Hispanic market and/or targeting Hispanic consumers right now.

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  • La Bella®

la bellaLa Bella(®),a Hispanic brand in styling and beauty products, has announced the unveiling of a completely new product packaging design and brand logo for its set of beauty offerings, after nearly three decades of the same design. The new packaging and logo initiatives reflect a more modernized approach for the brand and will begin rolling out in the coming months in various retailers, including Walmart and Target. The new packaging and logo design will affect all of the brand’s personal care offerings including styling, skin, hair and body care products.The new appearance was designed to give the brand a more contemporary and updated look, and is set to be fully bilingual in English and Spanish to reach Hispanic consumers.

  • Dos Equis

dos11Mexican beer maker Dos Equis will launch its “Most Interesting Summer” program at retail and in on-premise accounts in June. Through weekly and monthly challenges (ranging in complexity) which will run throughout the summer, Dos Equis will invite participants to “up their game” and submit video or photo chronicles of their adventures for the chance to win several prizes, including an excursion to the Yucatan. Program activation, led by POS, will instruct shoppers to text “STAYTHIRSTY” to receive challenges and submit proof of participation via Instagram or to the program web site. Limited edition displays, stackers, price cards and cooler decals will be available at retail, along with cross-merchandising, grocery and C-store offers (where legal). On-premise accounts will be provided with POS that encourages shoppers to participate in on-premise challenges designed to keep them returning throughout the program period. Dos Equis “Most Interesting Summer” program will run nationwide June 1 through August 31 2014.

  • Omnicom

ttOmnicom signed a US$ $230 two-year million ad deal with Twitter .The agreement is focused on mobile spending and will integrate OMG’s programmatic ad buying unit Accuen with Twitter’s ad exchange MoPub. Omnicom will receive inventory access, locked-in ad rates and a first look at mobile ad units created by Twitter. This is the first holding company agreement Twitter has done on the mobile Ad exchange side, according to Twitter ´s Adam Bain .

  •  Bud Light

vvchelaBud Light, official sponsor of the upcoming World Cup, has launched “Vuvuchelas”, a LatinWorks´ initiative. “Vuvuchelas”are basically a glass of beer that when you finish drinking, becomes the famous horn “vuvuzela”. The production of the piece was conducted by Landia / These horns will then be used to celebrate and drink chelas (beers) at the same time. The vuvuchelas were introduced at various bars in the United States.

CHECK OUT Portada’s Interactive Directory of Corporate Marketers and Agency Executives. To acquire the database, please call Kelley Eberhardt at 1-212-685-4441


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