• Ford

Ford's 'Drive One' goes for a new phase of JWT campaign to feature customer testimonials. This next phase, which is heavy on TV ads but also uses outdoor ads, social media, newspapers and an innovative promotion offering a donation to local schools in exchange for a Ford test drive, begun last Oct. 10.

They will also see heavy spot weight from Ford's regional dealer ad groups, as well as run online. Ford met with employees this week to reveal the new work and gave them eight of the videos to use on their online social networks or blogs.

Team Detroit also created advertorials for individual Ford dealers to use in their local newspapers, and the automaker has been instructing the retailers in how to tap into online social networking sites. Wunderman Team Detroit handles the digital account.

Also included is a Hispanic effort that includes integration on Univision's popular "Sábado Gigante." Hispanic women are targeted for test drives on AOL's tuvoz.com in an effort from Zubi Advertising, Coral Gables, Florida.


  • Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts launch campaign to attract Hispanics. They are making their debut "en español" with an advertising campaign launched last Thursday and a soon-to-come Spanish-language Scout Handbook intended to draw Latinos to the ranks of the nearly century-old organization.

The Spanish-language campaign, called "Valores para toda la vida," translated as "Values for life," includes television, radio and online spots that speak to the nation's largest minority in their language.

The outreach is intended to keep the Scouting movement relevant and growing as the country's cultural landscape shifts, taking a toll on Scout ranks. Latinos make up one in five children in the United States, according to the U.S. Census, but they are only 3 percent of Scouts. The organization hopes to double its Hispanic membership by their centennial in 2010, and the campaign is a key part of that push, said Bob Mazzuca, Chief Scout Executive.

The Scouts are making changes designed to accommodate Latinos, based on information gathered with the help of a Washington-based media and marketing company and a committee of Hispanic leaders.


  • Citibank

Citibank has just launched Citi Mobile en Espanol to enable customers who prefer to bank in Spanish to do so from their smartphones. The Spanish-language service lets customers manage their accounts, pay bills and locate Citibank branches from their cell phones.

"With Hispanic customers making up almost one-quarter of our customer base, the service makes banking even easier for this important and growing audience." said Liza Landsman, Executive Vice President, North America Internet & Mobile, Citi.


  • Dewalt

Dewalt is working with Eurosport to launch the new Compact Lithium-Ion product line in key Hispanic markets: Chicago, Houston/Austin and Miami. DEWALT's three-pronged campaign uses Eurosport's online, print and grassroots programs to communicate its brand message to Hispanic Contractor Associations (HCA).

Read more about it here.


  • Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray is celebrating its growers in a new campaign aimed at showing that cranberries are harvested close to home. The campaign will share the personal stories and photos of real growers, both on product labels and online. The labels featuring growers will begin appearing in the spring, though the rest of the campaign has already launched.

To kick off the new campaign, a bog event was held October 6 at Rockefeller Center. Ocean Spray also plans to set up bogs in other cities, including Miami to reach Hispanic consumers. Martin said they are also in discussion to set up bogs in Richmond, BC, to coincide with the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Winter Games being held February 12 to 28 (nearby Richmond is hosting some of the events).


  • Greater San Antonio Chamber

The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce just launched a new Spanish language web site designed to reach out to Hispanic business leaders across Latin America. This is the first Chamber site of its kind in the nation. The website, www.ConoceSanAntonio.com ("Get to know San Antonio") provides critical information to Hispanic business owners, investors and their families regarding starting a business, relocation and visiting San Antonio. 

The site targets three primary audiences: The Spanish speaking business owner/entrepreneur, families who are relocating to San Antonio, and tourists.


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