SALES LEADS: Converse, ROK Mobile/Mariposa, Toyota…

A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Hispanic market and/or targeting Hispanic consumers right now.

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  • Converse

JlnVQAm4_400x400Converse has hired a new agency to plan and buy its media in North America. PHD, a unit of Omnicom Group, has inherited the business from MediaVest after a review. The assignment includes both traditional and digital media, and spending is expected to grow to US$15 million this year. Last year, the brand spent US$7 million in media, according to Kantar Media. A handful of other agencies competed for the account, but the full list could not be ascertained. MediaVest did not defend.

  • Genomma Lab

Genomma Lab, the Mexican marketer of OTC medicines and other consumer products, is expanding its product offerings to the U.S. Hispanic market. Ruben Leo Sarmiento, Marketing Director, at Genomma Lab, and a speaker in Portada’s upcoming Latin American Advertising and Media Summit on June 3-4 in Miami (#Portadalat), says that the plan is to strengthen the U.S. Hispanic market portfolio: “equally in both OTC and personal care areas.”

  • ROK Mobile/Mariposa

GpMyPdvv_400x400ROK Mobile and Mariposa Holdings Group have joined forces to bring to market the Libertad Plan, extending ROK Mobile’s service to the Hispanic community with specific calling packages to include unlimited talk, text, data and music for just US$49.99per month.The Libertad plan includes the ROK Music service which offers subscribers access to a massive catalog of music as well as the ability to personalize their listening experience. In addition, there are plans to roll-out additional value added services to the Libertad plan that could include international calling plans and mobile money solutions to create more value for the Hispanic mobile consumer.

  • ‘Mas Que Un Auto’

descarga (5)To celebrate its tenth year as the most-loved auto brand among the Hispanic community, the brand launched the “Más Que un Auto” (or “More Than a Car”) campaign, created by its Hispanic agency Conill. The heart of the effort was not a TV spot or print ad but a small, symbolic badge that Toyota owners could place on their cars bearing the unique names of their automobiles.That relationship leads many Hispanics to give their cars superpersonal nicks.This tradition inspired Conill’s idea to reward Toyota owners with free custom nameplates, created in the same typeface and material as the official Toyota marque. The campaign invites visitors to go to, where they can input the names and order badges, which they receive in the mail in about a week.Since the campaign’s launch, fans have been thanking Toyota, posting their emblazoned cars and sharing their car love stories on social media. In doing so, they’ve also evolved the campaign — Conill will be producing some of those real car tales to share as part of the next phase of the campaign.Other fans have also used the badges as a platform for a cause.Toyota isn’t creating the nameplates directly, so the agency had to do a “talent search” of various suppliers to find one that could match the nameplate style and materials to Toyota guidelines .The campaign has been supported through broadcast, digital and interactive videos, as well as by paid and organic social media. It was also introduced at the Toyota-sponsored Hispanic indie music festival Supersonica in Los Angeles in October. Toyota and Conill just introduced a new phase of the effort, asking customers to imagine what a commercial featuring their beloved ride would look like. Toyota will pick the best idea to produce for a real broadcast ad.

  • ‘Share a Coke’

descarga (6)Coke is bringing back its “Share a Coke” program after a successful run last year. This summer, the brand will extend the program to include more names and to cover more package sizes and formats.Last year, the marketer used the 250 most popular first names among teens and millennials and the program was limited to 20 oz bottles. Additionally, colloquial phrases were put on on cans, such as “superstar” and “bff.” This year, the number of names used is expected to at least triple.

In the video, the South Pacific marketing team explains how they pulled it off: