The Hispanic Sports Marketing Sector: Marketing Volume Projections and Growth Drivers


One of the main findings from a survey conducted with over 350 Sports Marketing Executives from the agency, client and media side is that Hispanic Sports Marketing Budgets are expected to grow by 8.2% annually until 2018.
Different survey answers are aggregated as a total and also divided in 2 major constituencies. First, Buy Side; all executives that have direct influence over sports marketing budgets. They include brand marketers, as well as media buyers and planners at agencies. The second group, are the sell siders. These are media owners and their direct or indirect sales representatives. Survey answers are used to establish growth rates of Hispanic Sports Marketing Budgets from 2015-1018, as well as the growth of sports marketing budgets in individual sectors (e.g. Telco, CPG) as well as the main media types, including content marketing, the budgeted funds will be invested in.
Length: 8 pages and 5 Tables.

Get answers to the below questions:

  • What is the expected annual growth rate of Hispanic sports marketing budgets in 2016, 2017 and 2018?
  • What categories (e.g. Telco, CPG, Financial, Automotive) have the highest expected growth rates in Hispanic sports marketing budgets?
  • What media (off-line, digital, content marketing and BTL) are going to profit the most from the growth in Hispanic content marketing budgets.
  • What sports, other than soccer, have the highest growth potential?
  • What is the share of Hispanic sports marketing budgets in overall U.S. marketing budgets?

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