The evolution of digital marketing cannot be understood without taking into account the growth of Mobile, which is the major global megatrend, said Alejandro Campos Carles, CEO of StartMeApp, during the 4th Annual Foro Mexico de Publicidad y Medios (#PortadaMex) last Tuesday.

Alejandro Campos Carles, CEO, StartMeApp
Alejandro Campos Carles, CEO, StartMeApp

There is no doubt that “the world is mobile,” said Campos Carles when he started the first panel “Desayuno Movilizando Mexico” during Portada’s 2014 Forum in Mexico that brought together over two  hundred key marketers and advertising specialists.

StartMeApp Mobile Real-Time Bidding Exchange, one of the tools of StartMeApp originated in 2011, and today delivers more than 30,000 million monthly ad impressions and serves mobile advertising campaigns in more than 60 countries in America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
“Our own RTB technology makes it possible to carry out auctions for buying and selling ad impressions in real-time, implemented within 100 milliseconds,” said Campos Carles.

Campos Carles leads a team that brings together more than 60 talents globally. He places  special emphasis on the importance of mobile penetration growth in Latin America. An example of  the increasing significance of Latin America is  the fact that eMarketer consulting firm “removed” the region from the “rest of the world” category, under which it was classified until the end of 2013.

Mobile  is going through a magical moment in Latin America and providing multiple opportunities

Nowadays, at least 60% of people in Latin America access internet through their mobile devices, which shows that the region is not immune to the global macro-trend.

Therefore, he said, through tools such as the Open RTB protocol, it is possible to work at a massive scale and place ad messages more efficiently.

It is not about “buying traffic” but knowing what type of audience is behind each campaign,

“It is not about “buying traffic” but knowing what type of audience is behind each campaign,” Campos Carles said .

He added that, “What is interesting to notice is that what is being discussed  is not a business model to reach everybody indiscriminately, but a business models where information and data are almost everything because we are not investing in the banner to be displayed everywhere, but to reach the target audience that the advertiser is aiming.”


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