The second day of #PortadaLat has begun! The first panel was moderated by Tom Gerace, CEO of Skyword, and included panelists Carlos Espindola, eHub Manager Latin America, 3M; Juan Carlos Pedreira,  Partner/Senior Social Media Strategist, Social Business Hub. Inc.; Denisse Guerra, Regional Marketing Director, Estee Lauder; and Fernando Rodriguez, DG Consulting, Miami.

How can we create relevant content? How can we create a good content marketing strategy?

TomGTom Gerace, CEO of Skyword stated: “We need to go well beyond what the brand is and what it does, to create a connection with consumers.”


guerra-expansion1112Connecting with consumers was one of the key points discussed by the panel. For Denisse Guerra, Regional Marketing Director, Estee Lauder, it is essential to “listen to your consumers, offer them relevant content, and co-create content with consumers.”

For pan-regional marketing, a global calendar is necessary, said Guerra, “but we need to be careful about special dates, such as Mother’s Day, which falls on a different date in Latin America.”

“Nowadays at Estee Lauder, we need a multi-channel communications plan that includes all media. Five years ago, our spending was limited to print media.”

 “At Estee Lauder, we produce a lot of centralized content with a brand voice, but we ‘tropicalize’ our messages for Latin America and adapt them to each specific market in the region.

Guerra also noted that “we have learned to train our teams to create local content.”

Regarding metrics, Guerra stated: “You cannot measure each media in the same way. One has to clearly know what you want to measure.”

jcpJuan Carlos Pedreira, Partner/Senior Social Media Strategist at Social Business Hub. Inc., noted: “We have to understand what our audience really wants and ask them; not create content based on what we think they want. In my opinion, the key is to create original content that reflects the brand’s personality.” Pedreira added that “we need to very careful about maintaining the authenticity of the brand when creating content.”

3mIn response to the question about how 3M creates its content for Latin America, Carlos Espindola, eHub Manager Latin America, 3M, responded: “We have very different products and not all of them are well-known in Latin America, so the production of our content is based on offering information about our products and having consumers connect with our brands.”

Espindola added that he considers it important “to work jointly in Latin America to achieve success. Approaching each Latin American country separately is not necessary.”

 “to work jointly in Latin America to achieve success. Approaching each Latin American country separately is not necessary.”

Tom Gerace asked the panel what advice they would give in terms of content marketing.

Espindola, of 3M, advised to keep in mind the context of the content. “Not all content can be used in all markets.”

Fernando Rodriguez, DG Consulting Miami, advised to have a clear idea about “who you are as a content producer and stay your course. You can’t be all over the map.”

The panel concluded with questions from the audience.

The 7th Annual Portada Latam Advertising and Media Summit will take place on June 4 and 5 2015 in Miami


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