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#PortadaLat: CNET’s Larkin: “I say always spend your money in premium video”

In the Online Video Forum organized by Portada as part of the LatAm Summit, we were lucky to have first level panels as those held by Carlos Ernesto Gutierrez, CEO Miami, chief growth officer Latin America, McCann Worldgroup and Mark Larkin, SVP and General Manager of CNET.


At the  Online Video Forum organized by Portada as part of #Portadalat  we were lucky to have first level conversations and panels as those held by Carlos Ernesto Gutierrez, CEO Miami, Chief Growth Officer Latin America, McCann Worldgroup and Mark Larkin, SVP and General Manager of CNET. Gutierrez interviewed Larkin on stage about the industry and the development of the online video market, about how CNET uses online video, how it produces online video content and on what the future might look like.

larkin.gutierrez.portadalatMark Larkin opened the interview talking about his experience as one of the first professionals to enter the online video market. “Back when broadband was just coming into focus, I launched CNET TV,which gave rise to all of the video you see on CNET and CNET en Español today. In fact,I led the team that made sure CNET was one of the first online publishers to embrace video on the web,” Mark said.

“I think pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll are still effective ways to communicate with consumers, especially when it’s adjacent to premium content where users are engaged in something compelling.” he said. “I think the fuss about online video is more about a rich and diverse opportunity for marketers to reach targeted audiences where they are truly engaged and across all of the platforms with which they engage,” he added.


Premium Content Vs. Free Content


“Let’s talk about another dichotomy that makes us all marketers scratch our heads: Free content or premium/paid content…when to use which one in a video format?,”  McCann World Group’s Gutierrez asked.  Larkin is a big supporter of premium content. “It’s about the difference between quality audience/engagement and scale,” says Larkin. “The scale may differ in some cases, but the audience will have a great content experience and the messages that surround that experience are richer and more impactful for their association with that premium content,” he added.


“Church and state” separation

Carlos Gutierrez also asked how CNET is able to balance advertising sales interests with editorial integrity. To which Larkin answered that at CNET “we take the separation of church-and-state very seriously and people who come to CNET know they are getting high-quality, tested, reliable information that helps them make smart decisions about technology.”

The 7th Annual Portada Latam Advertising and Media Summit will take place on June 4 and 5 2015 in Miami.

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