Marcelo Montefiore, Owner, Global Mind

Marcelo Montefiore (1)Montefiore is the founder and CEO of Global Mind, an independent interactive agency. He led the company to become a leading regional agency, with 130 professionals in 6 offices.

He is a Graduate in Business Administration from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, and holds a degree in Corporate Finance from the CEMA University. Focusing Global Mind´s services in defining & tracking every brand´s KPIs, during last year only the agency won regional clients as Sony, Microsoft, AMD and Disney. He also teaches Decision Theory at the national prision.

Interview with Marcelo Montefiore

Portada: What do you love about the Latin American Marketing and Media space?

Marcelo Montefiore: I love that it is very dynamic and it´s always evolving. Plus, it´s challenging and rewarding to understand a market where the component countries are different in size, culture, media consumption, etc.

Portada: Why do you think you are qualified to talk about the role of Data in Marketing and Advertising ?

Marcelo Montefiore: Because for over a decade I´ve been promoting more and more targeted campaigns, always with a ROI-oriented focus. And focusing on metrics and returns means Data.