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@Latin Content Marketing: General Mills Kicks Off 2013 Forum


What is content marketing and why is everyone talking about this? These are some of the questions that will be addressed starting Tuesday morning, as a group of brand marketers, publishers and advertisers gather in Miami for the Latin Content Marketing Forum, organized by Portada Magazine, at this city’s Intercontinental Hotel.

Kicking off Tuesday’s agenda was Jennifer Leen Berglund, interactive marketing manager, multicultural marketing at General Mills, who who encouraged the audience to tap into quality, relevant content to associate with their respective brands.

“Content is your new way to market,” said Leen Berglund, who showcased some insights behind Qué Rica Vida, a General Mills initiative that targets Latina moms in the U.S. by providing them with culturally relevant content information and advice with a particular focus on food.

Que Rica Vida recently partnered with Outbrain, which has helped served Que Rica Vida’s links on other sites and high-profile publishers, including People en Español or Also display advertising. “I believe there is a role, but when I try to drive somebody deep into my content, I’ve been more successful with platforms like Outbrain.”

Que Rica Vida has a mobile app, but the company’s focus has been on the relaunch of its website, but Leen Berglund acknowledges a lot of the traffic coming to their site comes from a mobile device.

The results, so far, have been “great,” says Leen Berglund. Traffic to Que Rica Vida in April was 35% higher than prior year; while traffic from organic search is up 350% over August 2012.

General Mills’ Que Rica Vida Key Learnings

• Put away the campaign mentality. Your content has to be on, all the time
• Bilingual is critically important, but presents challenges
• Know your audience: In the case of General Mills, it has learned its audience is mobile heavy and highly visual



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