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Javier FarfánInterview with Javier Farfán

Portada: We understand you are Ecuadorean tell us a bit about your personal and professional background?

Javier Farfán: – Latino born and raised in NYC. Spanish speaking at home but the rest of the world in English
– Grow up in Upper Manhattan, Was married and my wife passed away last year from breast cancer so I am rediscovering myself.
– No children
– Biking and Spending time with my family is my hobbies
– Career has been my focus to get me thru change in my life (Focused on Marketing, Music Marketing, and Marketing Innovation within Culture)

Portada: How do you keep abreast of all the changes in the Marketing and Media Industry?

Javier Farfán: – Mentors and keep connected to digital lead at PepsiCo
– Focus on young people who I work with or within the industry (I call them Fat Brain)

Portada: What are the main features a excellent Content Marketer targeting the Hispanic consumer should have?

Javier Farfán: – lifestyle content
– global topics
– music and entertainment (and not just latin talent)


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