@IAB Mexico 2010 Conecta Conference: Presentation of the Latam Project

More than 800 media executives, clients and agency executives are participating in IAB Mexico 2010 Annual Conference which started yesterday and ends today in Mexico City. The majority of the attendees come from Mexico, but there are also many working in the panregional digital space that travelled from the U.S., Argentina, Colombia and other countries.

Mexican and Latin American digital media companies represented at the Conference include Canalmail, .Fox Networks, Prodigy-MSN, Televisa Interactive Media, Time Warner, Yahoo! Mexico, Havas Digital, Orange, Mediamind (former Eyeblaster) Publimetro (the Mexican unit of free newspaper publisher Metro International) and classified employment company OCCMundial.com.

The Conference is also being used as a platform to strengthen the interactive marketing sector throughout Latin America. The IAB Latam project will be used to consolidate information about the industry be used as a networking space, as well as for building a panregional network for all participants of each IAB national chapter. Another important aim of the IAB Latam project is to adopt uniform digital advertising sizes throughout the region.

The project was presented during a panel called: “Latin America, a region with tested digital value”. Juan Saldivar, president of IAB Mexico, Bianca Loew, general manager of IAB Mexico, Yerka Yukich, general manager of IAB Chile, Roberto Lafluf, general manager of IAB Colombia and Ernesto Gonzalez, general manager of IAB Puerto Rico, participated in the panel.

Many U.S. Speakers

IAB Mexico also brought many blue chip speakers to Mexico City, many from the U.S. Including E-Marketers’ Geoff Ramsey and Tolman Geffs, Co-president of investment bank The Jordan Edmiston Group.

Dean Donaldson, Digital Experience Director at Mediamind, gave an interesting presentation with the theme of “Courting the Consumer: Spending Quality time with your audience”. Other speakers included John Battelle, CEO of Federated Media Publishing, who spoke about “The Conversation Economy: Brands in a Social Media World” and Jeffrey Hazzlett, Ex CMO and VP Eastman Kodak Company.

Local speakers included Francisco Gil Diaz, president of Grupo Telefonica Mexico who spoke on the theme “The future of mobile seen from the peak”.

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