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Cynthia EvansCynthia Evans is the Latin America CSO for MEC and Research Director for GroupM. She has experience in the areas of marketing communication strategy development, quantitative business analytics and communications research. In her current position, Cynthia brings a strategic planning and research orientation to the communication investment function.

This includes: syndicated research and data delivery system use and development, communication channel planning, and strategic marketing applications. Over her career, she has worked in the Latin America market for GroupM companies for 12 years and has held senior sales and marketing position for major U.S. agencies and research suppliers.

Interview with Cynthia Evans

Portada:  Tell us a bit about your personal and professional background?

Cynthia Evans: I’m in the US Media Research witness protection program, working in strategy and research in Latin America. I am Tejana by birth, and have had a fascinating tour of US and Latin America advertising and marketing arena. I have the good fortune to currently be based in Miami where the two major avocations are sports and shopping, I enjoy both.

Portada: What are the main features of a succesful global advertising professional?

Cynthia Evans: Curiosity, heart, patience for US TSA policies and procedures.

Portada: What role does Brazil play in the overall Latin American advertising and media market?

Cynthia Evans: A very large pool of consumers, when oddities of doing business there can be negotiated.

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