Borja de Checa, Senior Marketing Manager IM at Samsung, is one of the speakers who will be participating in our Foro Mexico de Publicidad y Medios in Mexico City’s Hotel Presidente InterContinental on October 14 #PortadaMex . On this occasion, Borja shares with Portada his views on the marketing and advertising industry.

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Portada: How did you end up working in the marketing industry?

Borja de Checa: I started working in various advertising agencies and some other promotional agencies, because since college I had always wanted to work as a creative for an agency building major campaigns and ideas that would make history and sell many products. At one point in my career, I had the opportunity to work for Unilever in the launching of a product from not the agency but the brand’s the point .It was then that I realized that major strategies are developed from a client’s perspective and that working with agencies is just an extension of the strategy. However, in the end the elements to develop any strategy are always on the brand’s side.

Portada: What do you like most about your job?

Borja de Checa: Work branding and strategy development to reach consumers and make a difference in them so we can be on their “top of mind”.

Portada: What piece of advice would you give to someone who is starting in this industry?

Borja de Checa: To be passionate about what they do, to always try new things even if they seem irrational. Building on the past does not build any future. To be disruptive.

Portada: What aspect of the industry has particularly drawn your attention in recent years?

Borja de Checa: The transformation of communications to the digital and mobile world. Today brands do not generate the convertion, but are part of it. The way we communicate is no longer unidirectional, but bidirectional and those brands that do not understand this will fall behind , because today’s consumer is increasingly demanding .Nowadays, the new consumer is the one who not only investigates, makes the review, communicates about your brand but also buys and recommends.

Portada: What do you expect for the years ahead for your career?

Borja de Checa: Being able to offer the marketing word ideas and strategies that serve as the basis of new generations’ own ideas and from where they can learn and evolve.

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Javier Salas Rodríguez, Digital Acquisition Marketing Manager, American Express
Santiago Durán, Digital & Strategy Group Director, Havas Media
Alejandro Campos Carles, CEO, StartMeApp
Alfredo García, Managing Director Ariadna México.

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