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DOWNLOAD our Q4 2015 Issue!


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  • Will Ad Money Follow News To Social Media? Adobe has a great TV spot: A marketing exec hears two hipsters chatting in the elevator about the latest cool online service. He rushes into his office and musters his troops to get busy building a presence there.
  • Content Creators and Social Media. “Will Ad Money follow News to Social Media?”, Susan Kuchinskas asks in the cover article of this issue.
  • Our 60th Issue! This Issue Is Portada’s Number 60: 13 years later we look at the many differences between today’s marketing and media World and the one of the early aughts…
  • #Special #Portada15 Conference Planner: All the information you need to plan for #Portada15 on Sept. 16 and Sept. 17 in New York City.
  • Sports Marketing: An 8 page report about the sports multicultural audiences love: Sports Marketing Insights from Copa America 2015 in Chile; The best TV Spots. What can be expected from the all-important Copa Centenario in 2016.
  • News And Trends: Walmart’s Reinvigorated EDLP Strategy Negatively Impacts Multicultural Advertising; RCN Television Group Purchases Fox Stake in Mun- dofox; Online Fantasy Sport Becomes Big Business; Hispanic Publisher Attempts to Revive the Penny Saver

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