Grupo de Publicaciones Latinoamericanas published the first issue of the Colombian edition of Rolling Stone on October 10th. Approximately three quarters of the magazine's circulation of 40,000 will be distributed in Colombia; the rest will be distributed in Venezuela, Ecuador, Perú and Panamá. A full page advertisement will cost US $4,500 (CPM US $112.50).

Marta Lucía Orrontia will lead the magazine's editorial team, assisted by two full time staffers. The Argentinean and U.S. editions will also provide content. Colombia has a lively and rich national music culture, which, according to Orrontia, will be reflected in the 88-page magazine. Colombian advertising agency Silva Publicidad has been hired by Rolling Stone Colombia to create the advertising campaign for the publication.

Grupo de Publicaciones Latinoamericanas, controlled by media entrepreneur Miguel Silva (see “Colombian Rolling Stone,” page 7, Portadatm No. 5 September/October 2003), is working with the magazine publishing division of Argentinean media group La Nación on publishing Rolling Stone Colombia. La Nación owns the franchise for Rolling Stone magazine in Latin America (excluding Mexico).

Orrontia is interested in the possibility of expanding into the US Hispanic market with a Spanish edition of Rolling Stone. “For now it is important to establish a strong presence in the Northern Cone of Latin America,” she told Portadatm, adding that the decision to expand into the US Hispanic market would be made jointly by Latin American franchise holder La Nación, the Mexican franchise holder Progresa-Mexico (owned by Prisa) and Wenner Media, the New York based owner of Rolling Stone magazine.


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