Where Entravision, NBCUniversal, Adsmovil and Batanga Media will be Investing in 2017

Last week we asked major brand and agency executives about their plans and expectations for 2017. This week, we interviewed top media executives. Read about the priorities for Jeffery Liberman, COO, Entravision; Laura Molen, EVP Lifestyle and Hispanic Advertising Sales Group, NBCUniversal; Alberto Pardo, CEO, Adsmovil and Rafael Ubina, CEO, Batanga Media.

The 4 questions we asked:
1. Where will you be focusing your initiatives in 2017, where do you see the biggest opportunities? 
2.  What investments are needed to accomplish the above activities/goals?
3.How do your investments in technology and people for next year differ from those you made, say, 5 years ago.
4. What would you like to see more of from your agency and brand
marketing partners in 2017?



Jeffery Liberman, COO, Entravision

1.“In 2017, we plan on focusing our initiatives on mobile apps, integrated content leveraging Entravision’s radio talent with a vast audience reach and relevance, and programmatic elements with enhanced data enrichment.”
2. “We already have a deep roster of radio talent, so for mobile apps and integrated content, we want to execute as efficiently as possible with minimal investment. In 2016, we also made investments in programming so we hope to realize these benefits next year in 2017.”

3. “The investments in technology and people for next year differ significantly than the ones we made five years ago. Mobile apps were not as strong, our radio talent had yet to reach its full potential, and programmatic was not a solution back then. We don’t make investments in technology for the sake of technology. We make technology and solutions investments to provide an integrated omnichannel strategy for our clients.”

4. “For 2017, we would like to increase the opportunities to work with our partners on integrated digital content campaigns.”

mozilla_lauraLaura Molen, EVP Lifestyle and Hispanic Advertising Sales Group, NBCUniversal

1.  “We want to continue to educate the marketplace on the value of the entire NBCUniversal portfolio, particularly Telemundo where we are seeing significant momentum. Right now at weeknights at 10pm, Telemundo is the #1 Spanish-language network and #2 among all broadcast networks, regardless of language. We are investing in programming and live events like the World Cup so we can continue this momentum and growth. With the power of NBCU behind our brands, Telemundo Enterpises is primed for the future. We plan to find opportunity in reinforcing to marketers that we are the place for their messages and ad dollars to engage consumers.”

2. “We’re seeing an emphasis across our company in investment in content, data and distribution and this is going to be key as we continue to emphasize our leadership position.
It’s about taking the solid stream of premium content that our viewers crave, helping advertisers create innovative, targeted marketing campaigns and distributing this content in authentic ways that make sense across platforms.”

3. “We are continuing to invest in the data we can offer marketers to help them get an understanding of our audiences, and how to be the most effective with their ad spend. Our content is on the pulse of pop culture and the engagement we are seeing from our audiences not only for the programming, but for the advertisers associated with it, is surpassing our competition. We want to continue to build out the systems that quantify this for our brand partners. For our sales teams, it’s about helping them become experts on our robust infrastructure here at NBCUniversal.”

4. “To “lean in” and experiment with us in ways that they haven’t previously. We have some of the best teams in the business who are finding unique, authentic ways to partner our advertisers with our content. I’d love to see more companies engage with us from the beginning of a partnership and work with our teams to come up with more innovative campaigns.”


Alberto Pardo, CEO, Adsmovil

foto-banano1.“Keep working on our programmatic solution, better and bigger product. Viewability, transparency, and audiences are the main topics to focus. We also have a big Hispanic data audience project coming in early 2017 . On the other hand, we see a very big opportunity in video so we are working to get more scale both in outstream and in-stream video supply.”

2. “We are investing to build our own data audience solution from scratch. We also have plans to invest in people, more hires coming for 2017. Investment to get new tools for viewability. Marketing investments in major industry events.”

3.  “Five  years ago our investments were focused on ad units and ad servers.”

4. “More focus on U.S .Hispanics, we still see many brand without targeting latinos.”



Rafael Urbina, CEO, Batanga Media

. “1.Video.  In 2016 we have greatly expanded our video production capabilities in the US and abroad and this has resulted in a rapid growth and massive scale in terms of video views and reach, now generating in excess of 700 million monthly video views across social platforms. We’ve been creating highly engaging video content for partners this year, and it only makes sense to expand our in-house video production capacity. We’ll keep studios in Miami and throughout Latin America to ensure the same cultural relevancy that our content has been known to display over the years. We are focused on offering our partners customizable yet turn-key branded video solutions informed by both data insights and production best practices to garner emotional connections with the multicultural millennial consumer at scale. We have positioned our newest brand Vix to power the social distribution of branded content. In 2017, we’re set to deliver billions of branded video views on Vix’s many social platforms.”

2.  “We have developed a world-class video and creative team to sharpen our organizational know-how in screen production. Overall, our product direction will be more video-focused for both editorial and branded content creation. We’re also investing on the latest video production technology, and building new and bigger studios. Part of our DNA is to be a data-driven publisher, keeping true to our roots, in 2017 we’ll intensify investments in data-science to continue to support growth of our video creation and distribution efforts.”

3.  “While producing content for mobile and social consumption continues to be important—and we have been advocating for those early on—the laser focus on video and branded content is a new development compared to five years ago. These came as a response to more efficient video technology paired with savvier users who increasingly reject ads that interrupt their experience. In addition, branching out from the solely Hispanic audience to cater to the increasingly more multicultural American audience via Vix is a natural progression for us a Millennial publisher.”

4. “We need to recognize that there are very diverse consumer segments in our country, and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to truly connecting and engaging with the so-called Total Market. In order to talk to every segment, in a way that is personal and resonates with them and their own realities, we must recognize that language-preferences may shift and acculturation progress, but the cultural distinctions between market segments, and what is important to those markets, are as great as ever. Leading brands understand that, but many marketers still fall prey to the idea that reaching the “Total Market” will connect and engage multicultural Americans, and it simply does not.”


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