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Which YouTube partners are the most preferred by US Hispanics?  What content or themes are most attractive to users? What consumption habits can be determined? The answers to these questions and more, according to comScore‘s August 2016 ranking.

Total Unique Viewers (000)
    Total Internet:  Hispanic All31.313
    YouTube Partners Report
1    BroadbandTV @ YouTube5.681
2    VEVO @ YouTube5.667
3    Warner Music @ YouTube5.478
4    UMG @ YouTube5.473
5    SonyBMG @ YouTube5.315
6    Machinima @ YouTube4.196
7    The Orchard @ YouTube3.672
8    Fullscreen @ YouTube3.640
9    ZEFR @ YouTube2.938
10    Studio71 @ YouTube2.771

Legal music and distribution of user-generated content are the main foundations upon which YouTube partners preferred by US Hispanics rely. In fact, half of the platforms on the rankings belong to companies connected to the production and distribution of legal musical content, and the rest is made up of MCN platforms.

Music to Watch

What’s interesting about the YouTube music partners on this ranking (VEVOWarner MusicUMGSonyBMG) is that they remind us that music isn’t only heard, but also watched. This is no small detail in a context in which streaming platforms are gaining more and more ground. On the other hand, and paradoxically, users invite us to rethink the use of the medium: as much as YouTube was thought of as a video platform from the beginning, many users use it to reproduce music while they perform other activities, as if it replaced the radio. This is significant, as users have been understanding music as an asset that is freely accessible and independent from the devices through which they listen to it.



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