What are the most-visited retail sites and platforms in Latin America? What are the sites that grew the most and least when comparing January 2015 to January 2016? Here are the answers to these questions according to comScore‘s latest report.

Latin American users are increasingly likely to incorporate online shopping in their online activity:

Source: comScore MMX, Category Retail, Latin America, January 2015 vs January 2016, PC/laptop only, Home & Work, 15+Total Unique Visitors (000)% Change
1    MercadoLibre47.80450.5446
2    B2W Digital21.58018.678-13
3    Nova Pontocom14.79818.52225
4    Amazon Sites19.43917.012-12
5    Buscape Company13.45914.89711
6    Wal-Mart13.97613.453-4
7    Alibaba.com Corporation15.80712.926-18
8    Apple.com Worldwide Sites8.87212.00735
10    Netshoes Group20.3019.754-52

In January 2016, the retail category grew by 4% in comparison to January 2015.

Mercado Libre leads the category as the most-visited platform by more than 40% of the unique visitors in the region during January 2016.

On the other end is Netshoes, with more than 10% of unique users in the category in January 2016 (which represents a decrease of more than 50% in unique users on the platform compared to January 2015).

Those Whose Traffic Increased in January 2016 vs. January 2015:

  • Mercado Libre, (6%)
  • Nova Pontocom, (25%)
  • Buscapé, (11%)
  • Apple, (35%)
  • Magazine Luiza, (12%)

Those Whose Traffic Decreased in January 2016 vs. January 2015:

  • B2W Digital, (-13%)
  • Amazon, (-12%)
  • Walmart, (-4%)
  • Alibaba, (-18%)
  • Netshoes, (-52%)



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