Despite so much talk about Programmatic Media Buying, there is still a lot of confusion among media buyers about what the term really means.  According to a white paper published by MediaMath “The ABC of Programmatic Media Buying” (Spanish), less than a year ago; in July 2015, more than half of the marketers interviewed for a survey by Boston Consulting Group, said that their knowledge about programmatic buying was “very low”, “low” or “average.” So let’s see what “programmatic” really means…

Definition of Programmatic

According to the above cited white paper published by MediaMath, programmatic buying means that an integrated technology is used to do  a media buy. Other statements that help to define programmatic buying more:

• The word “Programmatic” does not match or correspond to the acronym “RTB” (Real Time Bidding) or the word “automation”, but it does include them. Certainly, within programmatic technologies, an RTB protocol to do media buys is used and programmatic does allow the automation of functions of the media buy based on technology.

•  Programmatic is not a strategy, but it can be used as a keystone of an effective digital advertising plan. For instance, programmatic can be used to select and segment target audiences as well as for the execution of premium advertising.

DOWNLOAD the White Paper: “The ABC of Programmatic Media Buying” (Spanish)


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