#PortadaLat Speaker Trivago’s Jon Eichelberger: “We have to Make a Good Job Impressing Travelers as Switching Costs are very Low”

Jon Eichelberger Regional Head, Americas Trivago is going to be one of the many outstanding marketers participating at our PortadaLat conference on June 7-8 in Miami. Eichelberger will participate in a session on “How tech is redefining luxury and travel services.” We talked to Eichelberger in this pre-event interview about the very competitive travel market, particularly as it relates to Spanish-speaking audiences throughout the Americas.

Portada: In what way has the competitive field for travel sites changed over the last 2 years?
J.E: “It has become much more competitive. Consolidation in the hotel industry, such as the Marriott / Starwood merger, and large travel conglomerates such as Expedia’s and Priceline’s aqcuisitions, have concentrated the industry, made the more competitive brands even stronger, and ultimately, have improved the level of service that consumers receive. All of us have had to be much better at impressing travelers to keep them brand loyal, because switching costs are very low for consumers at the moment.”

Portada: trivago.com compares the prices of more than 1.4 million hotels on 200-plus booking sites (including Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity and Hotels.com). What do you do with the data for  user interactions, do you sell it to marketers?
J.E: “No, we don’t sell user data. We use data to make our search product better. Any data we do collect is  very secure as we have to meet European privacy standards, which is a very high threshold.”

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Portada: We understand Google and Facebook are fighting for the coveted Travel ad market. How do you partner with these companies? Is it sort of a “frenemy relationship”?
J.E: “Google and Facebook are suppliers of users for us. We have great relationships with both. Like any brand, big or small, of course we would prefer if everyone knew us, and came to us directly. That is simply not reality.”

Portada: What are your plans when it comes to reaching out to Spanish-speaking Travelers in the  U.S (Hispanic) and Latin America?
J.E:“We see a very large, very important market when we are talking about Spanish speakers in North and South America. We continue to work on building our business and growing our user base there.  We are fortunate in that we see vast similarities across national boundaries that allow us to improve things quickly, but we also see ourselves as a global product with local sensibilities. Our goal is to continue to improve our platform to better serve you as an individual traveler, wherever you are from, or wherever you may be going.”

Portada: How many visits a month does Trivago get from Spanish-speaking users (both US and Latam)?
J.E: “I am not at liberty to say specifically, but I can say that a lot of Spanish speakers know us, and use us.”

Jon is the Head of the Americas for trivago. He oversees all regional business operations in the Americas including: brand marketing, online advertising, content marketing, and sales. Jon has over 10 years of experience in new venture business development, finance and marketing. He is an accomplished musician, having performed on Broadway, and frequently travels the world with his wife and two daughters.



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