Mexico Brand Stays on the Rise in the US with Strong Spending in 2017

Although the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico (CPTM) has slashed its budget by almost 35% this year, the country’s spending on tourism promotion abroad will increase by 41% to 1,125 million pesos. Eighty percent of it will be allocated to “priority markets” such as the US, where it appears to have opted to strengthen its ad spending during 2017.

In 2016, Mexico sought to attract visitors with its Live it to Believe it campaign, which helped to increase the influx of international tourists by 10%. Between 2014 and 2015, the number of tourists increased from 29.3 million to 32.1 million, with economic revenue rising from $16.2 billion to $17.5 billion.

In the second quarter of this year, the name of the campaign was changed to A world of its own, and will continue to target men and women (47% and 53%, respectively), with annual revenues of more than $314,000, according to information obtained via official transparency data.

Of all foreign visitors to Mexico, 60% come from the United States and 10% from Canada. The main states that receive travelers are Mexico City, Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Baja California, Jalisco, Nayarit, Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Guanajuato, said Juan Alberto Muciño Abrego, CPTM’s Marketing Coordinator.

The Mexican government also promoted campaigns aimed at different niche markets, such as romance tourism, with México, Yes I do; and nostalgia tourism, targeting the Latin market, with Mi México. Promotion has also extended to business meetings, with water sports and golf also used as a travel hook at high-impact events such as the OHL Classic at Mayakoba on the Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo; the Lorena Ochoa Invitational in Mexico City; and the Mexico Regatta Cup 2014 in Nayarit.

Mexico currently ranks third as best Latin America country brand, after Argentina and Brazil, according to Future Brand Global’s Latin America Country Brand Report 2015-2016.

Mexico currently ranks third as best Latin America country brand, after Argentina and Brazil, according to Future Brand Global’s Latin America Country Brand Report 2015-2016.

The table below shows which platforms Mexico advertises on to promote the country in the U.S., along with the amount invested in each media outlet.

From 2015 to 2016, there was a strong drop in ad spending on traditional media. Investment in TV advertising fell from $4.9 million to only $443,902. However, it seems that tourism promotion spending will see an upswing in 2017. For this year, the amount has already climbed to $1.5 million and we are barely halfway through the year.

Investment in TV advertising fell from $4.9 million in 2015, to only $443,902 in 2016.

As for digital platforms, CPTM seems to have diversified less in 2016, distributing its spending among only a few sites such as YouTube, Teads, Nurun, IMS, Golf Digest, and Facebook. Will it set its sights once again on the OTAs in 2017, as it did in 2015 with Expedia, Price Travel and

TV spending in the U.S.

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017**
Pati’s Mexican Table 184,615.20 100,000.00 250,000.00
Azteca America 243,902.34 909,090.91
Telemundo 900,525.00 100,000.00 363,636.37
TNT 55,300.00
Travel Channel 59,175.00
BBC/IFC/Sundance 349,500.00
National Geographic 200,000.00 499,999.49
Momentum 81,000.00
SM Hispanic LLC 1,389,041.45 2,499,975.00
CNN 1,673,044.00 300,000.00
Cable News Network 97,313.00
CBS Broadcasting 999,999.00
Discovery Channel 3,275,226.10 1,724,773.90
Entravision 925,460.00 4,877,100.08
NBC 529,210.00
NCC 576,215.00 597,404.00
NGC 437,200.00
Univision 1,505,160.00 166,000.00
Turner 255,111.00
Fox Sports 150,000.00
Golf Channel 525,000.00
NBA 1,660,289.00
TOTAL 10,490,394.10 11,073,152.43 4,930,089.69 443,902.34 1,522,727.28

Source: CPTM.
** As of March 2017, there has been no spending in online media for the US market

Spending in U.S. digital platforms

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017**
Travalliance 60,000.00
Northstar Marketing Solutions 157,500.00 205,000.00 102,500.00
TOTALS 465,000.00 60,000.00
Adara 54,196.72 85,989.14 160,000.00
Adjust 75,000.00
Adman 29,412.68
Adobe Social 67,745.90
Adsparent 367,098.02 950,000.00
ADTZ 117,750.59 1,942.39
Advance Magazine Publishers 40,176.96
AFAR 54,196.72 15,295.75
Amadeus 7,910.10
AOD 220,807.30
AOL 6,118.30
B Grande 6,000.00
Batanga 61,402.06
BBC 20,741.00
Capital Online 214,140.51 450,000.00
CBS 450,000.00
CondeNast 33,872.95 30,000.00
Conteno 750,000.00
Crerry Media 775,000.00 19,775.22
Diambo 777,073.17
Egroup 1,004.93
EIKON 21,851.08 480,000.00
Expedia 338,729.50 200,124.71
Facebook 270,983.60 322,548.06 686,684.51 77,797.92
Foriades (Hunt) 21,851.51
Full Screen 128,000.00
Gannett (USA Today) 46,336.38
Golf Digest 6,362.87
Google 338,729.50 372,358.56
Guvera 70,000.00
Hawaii World (Journese) 9,177.45
IMM Internet 182,305.86
IMS 105,094.39 121,930.76
KAYAK 30,549.01
Latitudes 294,117.65
Lonely Planet 44,034.84
Mas Comunicación (NBC) 34,804.39
Matador 180,000.00
Media 8 117,365.80 50,000.00
Mediamind 55,185.67
National Geographic 61,183.00
Nurun 169,690.65
Orange 60,000.00
Orbitz 270,983.60
Others 456,471.89
Outbrain 305,915.01
Price Travel 27,532.35
Priceline 135,491.80 19,149.71
Prodigy 40,000.00
Pulpo media 450,000.00
Quancast 14,408.71
Questex 25,000.00
Read Speaker 9,032.79 5,339.31
Red Pineapple 21,851.06
Rock Activist 29,412.00
Run 180,000.00
Shermans Travel 24,473.20
Sismek 45,129.38
Sojern 74,162.33
Spotify 18,830.75
Starm 9,177.45
Teads 1,050,000.00 7,537.60
Tic Tac 244,732.01
Travalliance 16,825.33 25,000.00
Travel & Leisure 72,948.25 30,000.00
Travelocity 203,237.70
Tripadvisor 81,295.08 115,294.30
Tubemogul 29,662.83
US Media 200,000.00
Vice 26,696.55 163,500.00
Viva The Woodlands 277,071.34
Weborama 66,401.70 270.18
Wired 50,000.00
Yahoo 94,844.26 81,022.11
YouTube 5,072.53
Yume 29,662.74
Totals 2,453,846.85 3,909,685.26 9,019,746.92 390,604.90

Source: CPTM
** As of March 2017, there has been no spending in online media for the US market


By Gabriela Gutiérrez M.

Images: @WeVisitMexico

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