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MediaMath’s Erich Wasserman: From Studying Classical Piano to Leading a Major Ad-Tech Firm

Erich Wasserman is not only the Founder of MediaMath, one of the largest global Ad-Tech firms, but also leading the company's international expansion, particularly into the Latin World.  Wasserman will be one of the key speakers at next week's #Portadalat annual conference in Miami. We interviewed Wasserman to learn about his views on the Global Ad-Tech space.


Erich Wasserman is not only the Founder of MediaMath, one of the largest global Ad-Tech firms, but also leading the company’s international expansion, particularly into the Latin World. Wasserman will be one of the key speakers at next week’s #Portadalat annual conference in Miami’s Hyatt Regency Hotel (Wednesday and Thursday), where he will take part in an on-stage conversation with Fernando Monedero, Head of Digital Latin America, MEC . We interviewed Wasserman in preparation of next week’s event.

Portada: You earned a bachelor’s degree in political philosophy and classical piano from the University of Virginia, did you think at that time that you would end up a leader of a major Ad-Tech firm?
Erich.Wasserman.1Erich Wasserman, Chief Revenue Officer and Founder, MediaMath.: “Obviously! I think that I’m joined by many colleagues whose studies in college weren’t vocational in nature but rather focused on liberal arts. I’m just fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with wonderful people at MediaMath and in our business from whom I’ve learned a great deal.”

Among other things you lead MediaMath’s Global Expansion: Are there cultural differences that impact the way you work in Asia, compared to the work you do in the U.S?
E.W.: “Certainly, and this is manifest most clearly in two ways: First, from a technology perspective, the focus is clear: to create an interoperable, locally and globally relevant technology experience that enables our clients to generate the greatest ROI possible from their investments in video, mobile, display and social media. Second is the recruitment and development of local teams in pursuit of building meaningful and long-term relationships with our clients and partners. This means creating and growing our market presence across business and technical disciplines, giving our clients the assurance and confidence that we are able to meet holistic and ever changing business requirements.”

What qualities are important when you recruit someone to work in your team?
E.W.: “MediaMath is a collection of incredible people that I am thrilled to work with on a daily basis. When building the team, I’ve always looked for smart, passionate, analytical self-starters. People with inquisitive minds that view problems and challenges as opportunities for conquest. Depending on the specific vocation, previous experience in advertising, technology, and/or media is a plus, but there’s also a place at MediaMath for people with widely disparate backgrounds and skill sets, so long as they have the right energy to help us succeed.”

What are you particularly looking forward to in terms of your upcoming participation in #Portadalat?
“I’m most excited to connect with leadership from marketing, technology, and media professionals, and discuss how we can work together to create successful partnerships and push our industry forward. I can’t wait to build upon the wonderful relationships MediaMath has already established and find new colleagues to drive innovation and better, more impactful marketing outcomes throughout Latin America.”


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