Hyperlocal Digital Strategies: How “Mobilecultural” Advertising Can Make or Break a Campaign

In the first article of our new series on Hyperlocal Digital Strategies presented by MAXPOINT, Amy Gittelman, General Manager, National Agency Sales, at MAXPOINT, analyzes how marketers should use mobile to target multicultural audiences.

2013 ChallengesSince multicultural audience segments lead the market in adopting the latest mobile devices, it’s become key to make mobile a principal component of a successful multicultural campaign. Some are even calling this growing area of the market mobilecultural advertising.
Broken down by ethnicity, Asian Americans lead in smartphone adoption, with 78% of the population in the United States using them. Hispanics take a close second, with 77% having already adopted smartphones, and African Americans rank third with a still-impressive 73% in the States using the devices.
Consider, for a moment, the more than three-quarters of Hispanic shoppers using smartphones. These shoppers are both promotionally minded and digitally invested. They like platforms that allow online shopping, favor text-reminder features, and don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for coupons—but they are searching, according to research published by Inmar in May 2014.

Wherever They Go, However They Go

Neighborhood-level data provides the perfect leverage to reach complex audiences just like this. For example, 90% of millennial Hispanics and 67% of older-generation Hispanics in the United States use smartphones, according to the above cited research published by Inmar. That in mind, it’s not enough to blanket an entire ethnic segment, you also have to consider that not all Hispanic smartphone users will respond to the same ads; nuances like generational differences, country of origin, and level of acculturation are also fundamental factors. You have to be able to identify these details as well.

It’s insights like these and the ability to act on them that can make or break the design of a winning campaign. The great thing is that it’s possible to reach these tech-savvy populations wherever they go, however they go. So, it’s just as important to consider how cultural audience segments are using the same devices differently. Who uses their mobile devices to search for coupons? Who uses them to get recommendations on restaurants or entertainment? Who is using them to shop for groceries? What about holiday shopping?

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A Dynamic Solution for Digital Mobile Targeting

Hispanic Mobile Marketing
Hispanic Mobile Marketing

Hyperlocal, a strategy for putting your digital ads in front of the right audiences in the right neighborhoods at national scale, can uncover these types of details. Not only can these actionable insights drive multicultural success, if you want to lead the market in mobile campaigns, it’s key to find those who lead in adopting new mobile technology and target them accordingly.
And a hyperlocal mobile strategy has the capability to target based on all of these variables across digital channels, as well as return valuable audience data to be used for future campaigns.
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