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A Very Basic Fact That Marketers Don’t Seem to Understand About Programmatic (MediaMath – White Paper)


Programmatic is not a technological tool to “set up and forget”. However, according to the white paper published by MediaMath “The ABC of Programmatic Media Buying” (Spanish), many marketers seem to think so.

In a survey on programmatic media buying done during a webinar in October 2014, only 9% of marketers which use a technological approach towards media buying think that they are using it well. This is because programmatic is not a technology to “set up and forget.”. There are three key points in programmatic media buying that need to be taken into account in any digital media strategy.

  1. Programmatic media buying is based on data. The use of accurate data about clients and prospects allows for a better communication with the audience and can origin improvements in conversion rates.
  2. Programmatic media buying can facilitate real-time media buying. The opportunity to buy an ad in milliseconds increases chances to reach the appropriate customer at the right moment and with the correct tactic.
  3. Programmatic entails a certain degree of automatization. Some functions can be automatized with the correct technology and the right people, but campaigns need to be evaluated and optimized continuously in order to obtain the best results.

To learn more about the above points and many others, DOWNLOAD the White Paper: “The ABC of Programmatic Media Buying” (Spanish)


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