6 Things We Learned During #Portada17

After an exciting day in New York, during The Sports Marketing Forum, with top speakers presenting insights and best practices on how to use sports and soccer content to connect to the rapidly growing multicultural demographic in the United States, this is what we learned:

  1.  Hispanic first, general market second. Brands should create campaigns targeting the Hispanic consumer specifically, and not just translate “general market” efforts. With 80 million Hispanics in the U.S., they are the primary target audience.
  2. Grassroots. Hyper-targeted campaigns are key to maintaining brand authenticity and targeting the Hispanic passion points of family, inclusiveness, and celebration.
  3. 2018 World Cup. The time to cash in on soccer marketing efforts will soon be here; our speakers identified the top strategies brands can use to stay relevant.
  4. Live sporting events. They’re becoming ever more personalized and fan-friendly; it’s not the outcome of the game that matters, but the experience of being there.
  5. Passion points. Innovative brands don’t use a vertical model but connect passion points across different media to engage consumers.
  6. Invest in the moment. Brands need to plan to hit critical moments of engagement—a record, a brilliant goal, a last-ditch play—but in order to ride the wave, they need to heavily invest in content creation.
Feature Image: Jay Sharman, CEO/Founder, TeamWorks Media and
Mike Tasevski, Vice President, North America Sponsorships, Mastercard