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Walmart Continues Online Expansion With Increased Site Visits in July 2018

We looked at the top 15 online retail sites visited by shoppers in the US in July of this year and how they scored in numbers of visitors.


What: We looked at the top 15 online retail sites visited by shoppers in the US in July of this year and how they scored in numbers of visitors.
Why it matters: A climb in the number of shoppers visiting Walmart online continued in July as the big box retailer aggressively expands its online sales.

Number of visitors to the Top 15 e-commerce sites in the US, July 2018
Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop940,883
SiteTotal Unique Visitors
Amazon sites198,651
eBay103,520 Worldwide sites68,456
Target Corporation58,798
The Home Depot48,001
Samsung Group45,129
Kohl’s Corporation36,703
Best Buy sites35,357
Macy’s Inc.30,529

(Source: comScore)

comScore reported a total of 121,379 online visitors to Walmart in July of this year, up from 114,807 in June and 119,117 in May. The home improvement retailer reported a 33 percent increase in online sales in the first quarter of this year, according to The New York Times. Lowe’s Home Improvement suffered another decline in visitors in July at 34,382 compared to 35,757 in June and 38,635 in May. Samsung’s online visitors jumped by 4,463 in July, up from 40,666 in June. Online visitors to eBay showed little fluctuation, with 103,502 in July compared to 104,604 in June and 104,619 in May. Macy’s dropped to last place among the 15 sites monitored by comScore in June and remained in last place in the July rankings.

  • Amazon continues to enjoy a big lead among the 15 online retail site rankings with 21 percent of all online visits.
  • Walmart placed second, followed by eBay, worldwide sites and Target Corp—virtually the same top five sites in terms of number of visits and in the same order as in May and June.
  • Online visits to Macy’s continued their decline to 30,529 in July, down from 31,636 in June and 33,725 in May.
  • Online visits to Lowe’s Home Improvement also declined in July to 34,382 from 35,757 in June and 38,635 in May.
  • Best Buy has seen a steady if slight increase in visitors over the May to July period, starting at 34,142 in May and increasing to 35,357 in July.
  • The gap in online visitors between Amazon in first place and its closest online competitors continues. Amazon took 21 percent of all online visits compared to Walmart’s 12 percent and eBay’s 11 percent in July.
  • Home Depot holds the lead for online visits in the big box home improvement retailing category with 5% of all online visits among the 15 sites monitored compared to Lowe’s Home Improvement at 4%.


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