TRIAD Retail Media Launches Mexican Unit

What: North American company TRIAD Retail Media is beginning its operations in Mexico. The company that recently was acquired by Xaxis (WPP)  will focus on Mexico in 2017 and expand to other Latin American countries in 2018 (see below interview with TRIAD Retail Media general manager Eduardo Picazo).
Why it matters: Mexico has a strong potential as it relates to the development of e-commerce, particularly in retail sector.

North American company TRIAD Retail Media is beginning its operations in Mexico.TRIAD’s operations in Mexico respond to the important growth shown by ecommerce locally, specifically in Retail, and therefore, in digital advertising.

TRIAD is a company that develops, manages and operates digital media programs that enable the world’s leading brands to engage consumers on the largest digital retail platforms to turn shoppers into buyers.

>According to e-Marketer:

  •  Estimated e-Commerce sales in 2017 in retail in Mexico: US$9 billion dollars (2% of total retail sales in the country). Expected growth in 2019 of US$13 billion dollars.
  • Estimated digital advertising investment in Mexico 2017: US$1.6 billion dollars (20% increase).

In addition, this week (May 29-June 2nd), Hot Sale takes place in Mexico, an online campaign with discounts in retail (more than 200 companies). According to AMVO (Mexican Association of Online Sales), it is expected that Mexicans spend around US$270 dlls per person these days, to sum sales of approximately US$1.2 billion dollars.

Eduardo Picazo joined Triad Retail Media as Managing Director to help grow the company’s international expansion into Mexico and specific Latin America markets. Eduardo will oversee the successful implementation of digital retail media campaigns in those markets and manage Triad’s day-to-day relationships with key retailers in the market.

Portada: How is Triad working with Xaxis as the company we understand was bought by Xaxis?

E.P: “In November 2016, Triad Retail Media joined the WPP family of companies as part of an acquisition by Xaxis. We’re excited about the opportunities ahead of us and the access to expanded resources, capability and technology that we will gain. With the global resources of WPP, access to GroupM and direct ties to Xaxis, Triad is poised to grow even faster.

Portada: E-commerce is at a later stage in LatAm versus U.S. What experiences from the U.S. market can Triad apply to LatAm?
E.P: “At Triad, we are in business to connect brands, retailers and shoppers in a meaningful way to enrich the shopping experience. We know that a positive and engaging shopping experience is key to driving e-commerce sales globally. We do this through meaningful creative and content experiences, which help convert e-commerce shoppers into buyers, not only in the digital space, but also in-store.”

Portada: In what other Latin American countries is Triad going to open offices and when?

E.P: “We are focusing our efforts on Mexico this year and look forward to growing throughout Latin America in the future.”