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Top LatAm News Sites: 87% of Mexicans with an Internet Connection Look for the News Online

We looked at ComScore's data on the most-visited news websites in Latin America and particularly Mexico in May 2018.


What: We looked at ComScore’s data on the most-visited news websites in Latin America and particularly Mexico in May 2018.
Why it matters: 65% of Latin American users looked for news online, while 87% of Mexicans with an internet connection browsed news websites.

It is an important year for Latin Americans in terms of elections, and keeping informed is a priority when spending time online. We have seen that internet users in Latin American countries look for many types of content, from travel information to sports and entertainment, but the news is the kind of content they consume moreMore than half of all Latin Americans with internet access (65%) looked at the news online in May, while 87% of Mexicans got informed online. These were the top 10 sites in Latin America and Mexico in May.

Top 10 News Sites in Latin America, May 2018

Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop.Total Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet: Total Audience181,779
1Globo Noticias23,689
2MSN News13,949
3UOL Noticias12,617
420Minutos Sites10,082
5Grupo Clarin9,877
6El Pais Sites9,589
7Infobae – TKM7,753
8Folha de S.Paulo7,533
9R7 Noticias6,947
10Yahoo-HuffPost News Network6,915

[Source: comScore]

  • 65% of Latin Americans with an internet connection looked at the news online.
  • Among those users, 20% got informed on Globo Noticias.
  • MSN News was seen by 11.7% of internet users looking for the news.
  • 10.6% of visitors preferred UOL Noticias.
  • 20MINUTOS Sites received 8.5% of visitors.
  • 8.3% of users went to Grupo Clarín to get news information, while 8.1% preferred El Pais Sites.
  • Infobae – TKM was seen by 6.5% of visitors.
  • Folha de S Paulo received 6.3% of users.
  • Finally, R7 Noticias and Yahoo-Huffposts News Network were tied at the last spot with 5.8% each.

Top 10 News Sites in Mexico, May 2018

Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop, Mobile.Total Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet: Total Audience66,070
1El Universal de México16,161
3Grupo Publicidad y Contenido Editorial11,068
4Grupo SDP10,743
520Minutos Sites9,273
6Grupo Milenio8,179
7Grupo Multimedia Lauman7,944
8Organización Editorial Mexicana7,785
9Noticieros Televisa7,540
10Grupo Proceso7,490

[Source: comScore]

  • 87% of the total amount of Mexicans with an internet connection searched for the news online.
  • El Universal takes home the award for the greatest percentage of visitors with 28%.
  • 22.1% of the users looked for the news on DEBATE.COM.MX. 
  • Grupo Publicidad y Contenido Editorial received 19.2% of visits.
  • Grupo SDP took the fourth position with 18.6% of the total amount of internet users.
  • 20MINUTOS Sites received 16.1% of visitors.
  • Grupo Milenio was preferred by 14.2% of the visitors.
  • Grupo Multimedia Lauman enters the ranking on the seventh spot with 13.8 of visits.
  • Organización Editorial Mexicana received 13.5 of visits.
  • Noticieros Televisa and Grupo Proceso received almost the same amount of users with 13.1% and 13%, respectively.


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