T-Mobile Brings Un-carrier Disruption to Broadband with Internet Freedom

T-Mobile executives unveiled the company’s latest Un-carrier move, Internet Freedom, aimed at tackling pain points that have plagued the broadband industry for decades. Finally, an alternative to Big Internet! 

With Internet Freedom, the Un-carrier is stepping up on behalf of broadband customers with: 

  • Freedom to Switch: T-Mobile is giving broadband customers the option to Test Drive T-Mobile Home Internet worry-free and covering any contract early termination fees up to $500 when they’re ready to switch.
  • Freedom to Save: T-Mobile is giving customers the peace-of-mind that comes with price protection from Price Lock. And when a wireless customer adds T-Mobile Home Internet to a Magenta MAX family plan, it’s treated just like another line. That’s just $30 for a family of four, or a $900 per year savings over the average internet provider!
  • Finally, Feel Thanked: T-Mobile is extending our beloved T-Mobile Tuesdays to Home Internet! The Un-carrier is kicking things off with our biggest thanking yet to help the millions of customers that are still stuck in bundles with Big Cable to cut the cord with exclusive streaming device and YouTube TV deals.
Broadband customers are the least satisfied in America – the fees, the contracts, the price hikes, the terrible customer service.
Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO.

“The Un-carrier was created to fix a stupid, broken wireless industry, and while we aren’t done, we’ve undoubtedly changed if for good. Now, with Internet Freedom, we’re taking on Big Internet and bringing the Un-carrier movement to broadband,” said Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO. “Broadband customers are the least satisfied in America – the fees, the contracts, the price hikes, the terrible customer service. It’s ridiculous, and it looks a lot like the wireless industry a decade ago. Today, that all starts to change because the Un-carrier is here to disrupt broadband for good.”

And it’s not just consumers that suffer from internet provider abuse. Today, T-Mobile also announced it’s introducing new Business Internet plans that make the service available nationwide, starting at the same price as it’s home broadband service. That makes T-Mobile is the first and only nationwide internet option for businesses, with 5G fixed wireless, all thanks to the power of the nation’s largest 5G network!