Pulpo’s Oscar Padilla Joins Portada’s Council System

We are excited to announce that Oscar Padilla, VP of Digital Media Marketing and Insights at Pulpo Media, is joining the Portada Agency Star Committee, one of the six units of Portada’s Council System. The Council System’s next in-person meeting will be at Portada Los Angeles on March 14 in Los Angeles’ Loews Hotel.

Oscar currently serves as Pulpo’s Senior VP of Digital Media Marketing and Insights, an Entravision Communications company. Oscar has held diverse roles within his 6+ years at Entravsion including founding partner of Luminar Insights; the first Big Data company squarely focused on the US Hispanic Market delivering advanced analytics solutions. Before Entravsion, Oscar launched the digital business unit of Vertis, focused on developing and executing digital direct response strategies for Fortune 500 big box retailers. With over 20 years of digital media under his belt, Oscar has worked across a wide range of diverse businesses – from start-up ventures to digital agencies to established media companies.

We are thrilled to welcome Oscar to the Agency Star Committee, and we asked him to tell us more about Pulpo and what he’ll bring to the table.

Portada: What are Pulpo’s main objectives?
Oscar Padilla: Simply stated, Pulpo’s objective is to continue to be the #1 digital media company servicing the US Hispanic market. But at the end of the day, it’s not our leadership position that client’s care about, they’re interested in results and that’s what motivates us to evolve continuously. It’s the result of years of developing a deep cross-cultural understanding of the Hispanic market, leveraging our vast data assets, and our people that allow us to deliver results for our clients.

 I’m thrilled to be a new member of Portada’s AGENCY Star Committee. This committee has a strong mission of advancing how we target Hispanic consumers, I think my deep analytical background market plus my digital media experience brings a unique perspective to the group.

Portada: How do you intend to accomplish these objectives? 
Oscar Padilla: We couple our scale with advanced data.  This is the fuel that allows us to build our targeting and advance Hispanic segmentation models. We’ve been gathering and maturing our first-party data for years, but we’re also working with a variety of third-party partners that can support our needs and those of our clients.
We’re actively involved in expanding our Hispanic audience reach well beyond the “traditional’ digital web, mobile environment. Our audience reach should be channel agnostic, and this consists in leveraging many of the vast resources of our parent company, Entravsion, brings to the table. Finally, our people are essential to accomplishing our goals. Pulpo has built a solid team dedicated to supporting our mission and delving into what our clients need.