#PortadaLat Speaker Victor Lopez, Head of Digital at Havas, on the Panregional Market, Video and More…

Victor Lopez, Head of digital media at Havas, who will be participating in the session “Panregional Marketing Death Match on June 8 (Day 2)  at our upcoming PortadaLat conference in Miami  says that he is sensing “more optimism around panregional marketing this year.” Lopez also tells us that social and video have come to the forefront and shares his latest experience on  their use in marketing efforts.

Portada: You mention that while still challenging the Miami based panregional market is improving this year, can you please elaborate on that? What media and categories do you see growing?
V.L: “The region has had a couple of very challenging years. This year we are sensing more optimism in the region and it has been confirmed by increased budgets from clients who are willing to invest more because they too are anticipating growth. In terms of media, we see social as a solid growth area, video also continues to play a very important role for Latam campaigns.”

Portada: You mentioned also that Social has potential as a panregional (Miami based) marketing category, can you pls elaborate on that?
V.L: Our clients’ social campaigns have matured in scope and sophistication over the years, social has moved from just another tactic in the plan to being at the center of the strategy. With the expected growth in the region this year, Social will continue to play an important role. “

Portada: Has Havas used VR technology for its clients?  If so, please explain.
V.L: “Havas has proposed this to a couple of clients, but I think they are afraid of making users dizzy! No seriously, we have it as an offering and are aware of the many possibilities it can be used for. Another thing we are excited about are messenger chat bots, they add a one on one communication with users not seen since email marketing!”

Portada: What other innovative technologies have you used for video marketing lately?
V.L:”I prefer to use things that are “effective” vs. “innovative” , however, I think the biggest shift in video is that clients are moving past pre-roll and outstream into more interactive formats. In terms of branding objectives, with video we are seeing better performance with private deals on premium sites.”

Portada: Can you talk about what new clients Havas has gotten over the last few months?
V.L: We have a lot of reasons to be excited for this year with new business, but I think the real story is in how our current clients are growing in different ways. We are seeing clients more willing to test new channels, formats and open to new ideas- that to me is as good as winning a pitch.”

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